10 Greatest Examples of Mental health to Inspire You

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Mental health is everywhere. It’s a complicated, complex and ever-evolving field of study that is not easy to understand. However, it often feels like there is so much negativity surrounding mental health, especially in the world today like jordy nelson health. This blog post will provide examples of some of the most incredible ways mental illness impacted and influenced society, proving how visible this important subject has become over time.

10 greatest examples of mental health to inspire you are:

1. Leonardo da Vinci’s 

His most famous painting was titled “”The Last Supper”.” It features one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, John, with an enormous wound running from his forehead down to his hand. It’s believed that this painting was a portrait of the artist himself. Leonardo had some serious mental health issues as a result; he suffered from depression, anxiety disorder and possibly schizophrenia.

2. Nikola Tesla 

He was the first person in recorded history to receive a U.S. patent for a method for transmitting radio signals without wires by using electrical oscillations in air between two charged electrodes (an antenna). He also had visions and heard voices. He described these as the “voice of God”, and was often said to be a prophet.

3. Paul McCartney 

He suffered from severe depression, which drove him to become an alcoholic, and even suicidal at times. His alcohol problem lasted his entire life and caused him to have some incredible mental breakdowns such as in 1966 when he was sectioned for violent rages and in 1978 when he was hospitalized for drug dependency. He admitted that his only salvation came after he made the decision to get sober on April 26, 1976, his 46th birthday.

4. AJ Rafael 

He is the youngest person (at the age of 12) to go into space. He has Down syndrome and uses a wheelchair. Throughout his entire life, he’s attended more than 1,600 schools. He’s even been featured in books, TV shows and a documentary.

5. John F. Kennedy Jr

He suffered from severe depression, which resulted in him becoming an alcoholic at age 18 after his wife died in a plane crash in 1991. He struggled with drug addiction for years to get well enough to stand trial for driving under the influence of drugs and reckless driving causing death after crashing his car in 1999. Six years later, he died in another plane crash in July of 1999 after his plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. He was 35 years old.

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6. Stevie Wonder 

John Sylvester “Stevie” Wonder, is a famous music legend with a long and illustrious career. Despite his success and fame, he has had one of the most difficult lives as a result of being blind from birth. He’s had to overcome obstacles most people could never imagine or understand; all while being blind as well as being born to a single mother who was forced to put him in an orphanage because she couldn’t afford to keep him and her other children alive.

7. Matt Groening 

He is the creator of the television series “The Simpsons” and is known as “the Father of Adult Animation”. He has struggled with depression since he was a teenager, which led him to choose to study at the School of Visual Arts after his junior year in high school. He worked hard and achieved more than many people do in their entire lifetime; he became one of the most successful cartoonists ever, sold millions of records and was involved in directing Emmy-winning TV shows.

8. Frank Lloyd Wright 

He was one of America’s most well renowned architects during his lifetime. He was often horrible to his family and had an extremely stressful life at work. He was constantly stressed and worried about money, and even contemplated suicide on several occasions.

9. Coco Chanel 

She was known as one of the most influential fashion designers of all time, with her business being named “Chanel” after her. She suffered from depression, which caused her to neglect her personal life in favor of a series of affairs with men she became intimately connected to for no reason except for the fact that she wanted them and felt compelled to be with them as a result.

10. Charles Darwin

Darwin is particularly famous for his six-year voyage on HMS Beagle, where he figured out the theory of evolution and natural selection. He suffered from extreme anxiety, which was sometimes debilitating. He wrote in his diary that he became so anxious during a trip to London that it felt like “muscular weakness combined with a shuddering sensation” was taking over him at all times.


In conclusion, mental health has been an important topic for centuries and will continue to be for decades and centuries to come. The 10 famous people mentioned above are just a sample of the many others who have put their names into the history books because of their battles with mental illness.


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