10 Mistakes In Basterin That Make You Look Dumb


“Oops,” is a word we can all relate to in reference to Basterin legit. Feeling dumb doesn’t have to be an everyday occurrence. Today, we’ll take the time to discuss ten mistakes in basterin that make you look dumb. 

The 10 biggest mistakes are: 

1. Doing your own dope

Don’t roll your own crack. Don’t do it, never do it and don’t even think about doing it. If you find yourself in possession of some dope, make a phone call or turn the offending product over to your local law enforcement. Doing your dirty work yourself will surely reflect poorly on you, and is even more reason to look dumb.

2. Drug-related injuries that result in ER visits

If you’re a regular consumer of illegal substances, please be aware of the potential dangers associated with them. An ER visit is never one that turns heads toward you. Be careful with these things, they are not as easy to get high on as they used to be. 

3. The “Dumb and Dumber” approach to drug-related activities

If you find yourself in the presence of someone who is on the verge of an overdose, do not stare at them blankly. Call for help, or your local suicide hotline for assistance. If you’re trying to score some dope from a shady source and it turns out to be an undercover officer or something along those lines, do not hesitate to call your local authorities and be as helpful as possible. Essentially – don’t just stand there looking dumb while they potentially die in front of you. Be a human being that acts like a human being even in the face of complete stupidity by others.

4. Snorting gasoline

It’s bad enough to be addicted to drugs, but if you’re on the verge of overdose and you want to take a quick shot, get a large glass of water instead. If you need an IV of goofballs, call 911 first.

5. Not getting help for drug addiction

If someone is making daily trips to the ER for drug-related injuries caused by their addictions, then they may be in desperate need of help in more ways than one. Don’t be afraid to call 911 even if that person refuses treatment or doesn’t want help after your intervention. Don’t be the person who lets a friend, family member or significant other die on your watch. It doesn’t matter how much you love that person if you’re not willing to call for help when they have a drug problem.


6. Being too proud to seek treatment

If someone is unwilling to get help and refuses to do so, it’s best to leave them alone. If they are insistent on wrecking their lives with drugs and habitual use, then it’s time for them to step up and take care of their problems, especially if it gets that point where they need treatment. 

7. Not calling 911 if you see a drug overdose

If you see someone who’s choking, or unconscious and not breathing, then call 9-1-1 immediately. If you’re the person causing them harm, or if there’s an injury that requires immediate medical attention and intervention, don’t play around. Call for help!

8. Being too proud to ask for help from police

Do not be afraid of the police. They are there to keep us safe and protect our freedoms. For example, don’t call the police if you see someone on the street using drugs but who is not harming anyone else while they’re on them (in other words – they aren’t doing anything illegal). Call the police if they are causing a disturbance or bothering anyone. The police are there to help you, and they won’t arrest you for having an addiction to drugs. In fact, if they can help you get off of them and into treatment, it’s their duty to do so.

9. Not filling out the proper paperwork in order for officers to properly document drug use during arrests

This is usually related to DUI arrests. If you’re doing drugs, but aren’t being reckless or doing anything terribly illegal (i.e.- not driving under the influence), it’s very important that you fill out the proper paperwork in order for officers to properly document your actions during an arrest. This paperwork is usually used to determine what kind of treatment you should get in lieu of jail time or fines.

10. Getting caught doing drugs

This is the number one worst thing you can do in terms of being stupid about drugs. Not mentioning the potential for getting caught by parents, peers or the police, but it can tarnish careers and lives forever. Very rarely does anyone come back to the spotlight after a drug bust has been made public. Even if you’re able to keep yourself away from drugs while they’re illegal, it doesn’t mean that they won’t come back around and get you down the road if history has told us anything about this subject at all.

Conclusion of this article:

Hopefully this will help you to avoid looking dumb while basterin, and someday everyone can be proud to be associated with you.

If you find yourself in an inpatient drug rehab program, the first step is to get clean and sober. Inpatient hospitalization is often recommended for serious cases of addiction or when the person being treated has a co-occurring disorder that requires medical management.


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