10 Reasons To Love The New Chinese Bedroom Decor


The year was 1958, the place was Shanghai, and Mao Zedong had just put in his mandatory public five-year labor camp sentence. In one of the people’s homes, next to a small window and rising out of a bed frame, was an odd device which would change perceptions about what it meant to be a modern country — the spring mattress. Zen Chinese Bedroom Decor.

“In recent years,” said Song Qicheng, an acclaimed Chinese writer at the time and editor of Shanghai Literature magazine in 1958, “we have seen changes all over this city. The old architecture has been replaced by new structures such as skyscrapers and new districts.

Ten reasons to love the new Chinese Bedroom Decor:

1. It’s not about you

Chinese furniture focuses on others instead of you. The new modern Chinese bedroom design is about how you can sleep comfortably with other people in the room, not how stylish your bed and bedding look. Modern Chinese bedroom furniture is more about your bedroom as a living space. Feng shui has influenced Eastern culture for a long time and was even mentioned by the great scholar Confucius in the 5th Century B.C to keep buildings and cities in harmony with nature. Feng shui translates to wind water in English — wind represents the way of life, or chi , and water represents wealth or money, an ancient belief that has stayed throughout Chinese history.

2. It’s not about the Western idea of “chic”

Westerners have woken up to the fact that Chinese furniture trends are all individual. You may end up buying one cheap Chinese bed frame in a Target store, or another expensive modern Chinese bed frame at Soho China. With the amount of furniture in the market, there is no need to choose a ready made piece of furniture that is mass produced and therefore affordable. If you want to find something unique for your new bedroom, give traditional furniture stores a try.

3. It’s all about how bright the paint is

There’s another factor I would like to mention in Chinese furniture design that is different from the Western version — it’s all about how bright the paint is. The first thing that you notice when you walk into a Chinese furniture shop is the color of walls and their decorations. Colorful accents appeal to most people and there are so many options available. The only direction I give when it comes to interior design is this — make your home inviting.

4. It’s not about having everything your own way

Chinese furniture tends to focus on what everyone else has rather than what they want. In the West, it’s about what you have, but in China ‘s brand new modern homes, it’s more about who has what. In the past few years, we’ve seen a new trend emerging from China — customized furniture. A lot of young Chinese people decide to get out of the country and move abroad to study or work in foreign lands. They miss everything they have back at home, so they create their own piece of furniture and send it back to their homeland. Do you know where a lot of these customized designs come from? 


5. It’s not just Chinese anymore

All Feng Shui furniture is made with bamboo , which people need to realize is a product that comes from outside of China . The only place you can find a really big batch of bamboo is China . There are plans to expand bamboo plantations and forests, which will take decades for them to reach maturity.

6. It’s not about the “I-have-everything-I-want” approach

The new modern Chinese bedroom design offers more than just crazy furniture with giant logos on your bed frame. People are comfortable at home and they don’t want to be pushed out of their comfort zone by mass produced, overly decorated pieces of furniture. They want a “chic” item that they can keep forever while still getting that personal touch — not over the top, but unique and fun.

7. It’s not about a one size fits all solution

The biggest and most important aspect of modern Chinese bedroom decor is choice. There are so many options to fit your taste and budget that you’re bound to find something that is just right for you. There are also accessories, such as a TV stand or bedside tables, that are personalized, which is something Westerners are starting to realize can be costly but worth it.

8. It’s not about being high fashion

There’s a difference between the way Chinese buy contemporary furniture and other consumer goods. The majority of the products we see in store windows are replicas of unique furniture or random items around the house combined with each other . Ke Xue is the term to describe cheap low-cost furniture that is mass produced and doesn’t have any unique characteristics. Ke xue means “I want something cheap.” It’s about people not having high fashion standards, but rather reasonable expectations in terms of price and quality. Maybe you don’t want a bed for life — just a bed for now!

9. It’s not about being “in” now

The one thing that Westerners like to do when they decide to buy some modern Chinese furniture is track down the “hot items” that everyone else has at their homes. That’s always fun, but it’s better to find something that will stand the test of time. Chinese furniture design is not about meeting the trend; it’s about finding the pieces that are timeless.

10. It’s not just the bedframe

There’s a lot more to modern Chinese bedroom design than just a simple bed frame with colorful acrylic or wood portholes. Furniture that has a functional purpose is one of the most important aspects of modern Chinese bedroom decor, especially in older homes where you have limited space for furniture. Look for well-made and durable products that are made to last for years and years.


It’s a new day in China . People are spending more money than ever before, and yet they want to find furniture that is not only of good value but offers quality craftsmanship. They want something that they can pass down to the next generation. Chinese furniture has always had a great deal of character, and now it’s really taking off at home and abroad.

With the right design direction, you can still have your own unique furniture without driving yourself into debt — not that the latter is a bad thing! As long as you know what you’re looking for, you can have fun finding great deals on modern Chinese bedroom decor without breaking the bank.


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