10 Ridiculous Rules About TRAVELLING

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There are so many rules that go into traveling, a lot of them serious like staying safe and packing light, but a lot of them are just plain ridiculous. Can a silk touch pick mine spawners? This blog post is going to explore 10 of the most ridiculous travel rules and how they were remade. 

1. No Peeing On The Bus

This rule makes total sense at first, but why is it just the bus? A train or a plane would be much more convenient to pee in if you are holding on. This is probably one of the most realistic rules and yet it has been broken so many times. I wonder how long it will take for a nice juicy pea splat to hit the side of a bus?

2. Always Book A Hotel Room

This just seems like a general rule of thumb, but one which is most often broken. It’s only a puny little room and we will never have to be stuck in it. If we don’t book one, there are plenty of other places to stay. So after haggling with the driver, check out the sign that says cabins are available. We may be living on the streets though, but we will always have our camper van to sleep in!

3. Don’t Leave Hangars Unlocked

When taking off into the sky, don’t leave your plane unattended. Someone will steal it and you will never see it again. Well, in cities like Chicago or New York there are thieves who want to steal our plane and all that we have, so this is a good rule, but maybe we should let the local cops know too, who can be just as bad as any thief.

4. No Swimming In The Water

A river or lake is just as good to wash up in as a bathtub. It’s always cool and refreshing and then we can go out for a dip sometime later down the road when everything has cooled off. The water is safe to swim in after Yellowstone Lake like this guy proved with his beardy face photo.

5. Stay Away From Lechugas

Translated to mean “Mountain Chihuahuas” these little dogs could be lurking in water and on land, looking for any fun they can have. They are especially vicious if they find a mountain of bugs to feast on. These have been known to eat everything from mice and squirrels, to rabbits and snakes. This picture has them nipping at one another.

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6. Don’t Talk To Strangers

There is no such thing as strangers in the world we live in today. Everyone is always connected online so there are no real strangers out there, only friends we haven’t met yet or enemies willing to kill us for our wickedness. These two seem to be at least a little friendly.

7. A “Good” Destination Is Anywhere You Take A Vacation

This is how the internet was made. There are no good destinations because there are no rules to speak of. Hawaii is always a good place for vacationing especially if you can do it like this guy did with his surfboard and sunglasses looks.

8. Don’t Open The Door For Nobody

The door isn’t foolproof, so don’t leave it open unless you know who it is or what they want from you. Arrange the furniture in your room and make sure you can see the door, even if there is a window right next to it. Be aware of who is coming and going!

9. Don’t Forget Your Passport

Everyone needs a passport to check in. At least they did up until the mid 90s, but now you can get past all that without even showing it. Now your ticket is also your passport, as long as there is a seat on the plane for you. I was surprised that there were no rules about passports, but I’m sure they exist somewhere on the internet if you search hard enough. They are important documents because they prove who we are and where we need to be to get home or do something else important.

10. Never Cuddle A Cat

This one is easy to follow, but it’s kind of hard to look at these two holding hands and not smile. And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I did making them. These guys are adorable and I had to include a picture of one in a hat because why not. However, they are also wild predators and have been known to attack people for no reason. They can also be terribly pesky and that is why this cat is wearing a hat.


The rules of traveling are many, but this post has offered a glimpse into just ten of them. They aren’t all ridiculous and many are important for us to live by, but sometimes we must break the rules to have fun or experience a little craziness and that is okay. The internet and YouTube can help us find our way back to sanity when we are lost and confused without it, so keep calm and carry on.


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