10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Cardi B


There is a lot of misinformation out there about the hip-hop artist and record breaker: Cardi B.

Cardi B is one of the most influential artists of yazz theestallion out right now, but what people get wrong about her is that she doesn’t really care about writing songs, she isn’t into rap, and honestly they should just give up on trying to label her as anything.

Cardi B deserves more credit than most artists because she has stayed true to herself and defied labels. She constantly breaks boundaries in the music industry by being so raw and authentic to herself across different genres that would usually be exclusive.

1. Cardi B is only rapping about her sex life

– Cardi B has taken the genre of rap to a whole new level. She’s not singing about her booty or her boo, she’s singing about heartbreak, struggle, and pain. She is the perfect example of black excellence in the music industry because she breaks boundaries: while most rappers are mostly talking about their booty or their boo instead of their personal issues, Cardi breaks the trend and talks about human issues. She always comes up with a great flow and will always take risks that put her back on top.

2. Cardi B is rapping because she wants money, fame, and power

– Cardi B takes risks in her music and never holds back what she’s feeling. The true reason why CardiB raps a lot is because she is always putting herself out there because she doesn’t care about the industry or labels. She is doing this for herself and to show people that you can do anything you put your mind to if you put passion into it.

3. Cardi B isn’t hard working or intelligent

– All stereotypes are wrong about Cardi, especially the one that says she isn’t intelligent enough to write songs. She actually has a degree from Long Island University with a double major in psychology and sociology. She is an intelligent woman who isn’t afraid to take risks in her music.

4. Cardi B doesn’t have a voice that can really go with her rap style

– The truth is Cardi has a perfect voice and she can definitely sing! Cardi proved this many times when nobody believed she could rap after she came out with the song “Bodak Yellow.” She put her song out there and it did well because she had a great flow and the song made sense.

5. Cardi B has a face only a mother could love

Cardi is one of the reasons why people with different types of bodies are starting to be more comfortable with themselves. She doesn’t care what people think of her and she will continue to be herself no matter what. When asked about her body, she said that there is nothing wrong with the way she looks and you definitely should not be ashamed if you don’t fit the mainstream beauty standards.

6. Cardi B isn’t a good mother or role model

– Cardi B has been proving everyone wrong ever since she came out in the music industry. She is the perfect example of how you can be yourself, no matter what society tells you. Her goal is to show people that it is okay to be different, you can make your own path in life and there are many different ways to succeed.

7. Cardi B spends her time with other female rappers because she doesn’t want a man to hold her down

– I think this stereotype should end right now because Cardi B has been just as successful as male rappers out right now! She has never been caught rhyming in a club or spending precious time with other women and that proves she isn’t really into those things. Cardi B loves to spend time with her family, friends, and her team because she knows that you can’t achieve your goals without them.

8. Cardi B isn’t a good role model

– We all make mistakes and everyone is human but Cardi B is the best role model out right now because she has proved she can break through many barriers set up by people to keep us down. She never gives up in any situation and keeps proving herself in the music industry because she doesn’t care about labels or society telling her how to do things.

9. Cardi B is only famous now because she cheated on Offset

– Cardi B has been in the music industry for a while but she was just doing whatever people told her to do because she was scared of being dropped from the industry and not being able to provide for her family. Ever since she became successful, Cardi B does whatever makes her happy and if that means cheating or getting plastic surgery or saying something crazy, she will do it.

10. Cracking jokes on twitter will get you nowhere in life

– Cardi definitely proves this one wrong! She started rapping when no one believed in her and now look at where she is today! She is one of the most influential, powerful women in the world.


You should never give up on your dreams because you are different from others. Cardi B has proven to us that being yourself will take you a long way in life. She doesn’t care about labels, she definitely isn’t afraid to take risks, and she is not a good role model because she is not trying to be like anyone else! Being yourself and staying true to yourself will make you one of the most powerful women out right now. Cardi B is definitely proving that right now!


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