10 Things to Consider in Choosing a Flower Delivery Service

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Online shopping is a risky game, especially when shopping for flowers online. Not only would you think about the seller’s authenticity, but you also need to factor in the flower’s freshness upon delivery.

If you’re planning to surprise a loved one for a birthday, anniversary, or a “just because” day, it’s essential to pick a trusted flower delivery company. It would also be best to have a checklist to be sure you’re getting a bang for your buck.

As such, below is a list of things we rounded up to help you choose the best flower delivery service. Enjoy!

What to Consider in Choosing a Flower Delivery Service

Nothing is more exciting than surprising a loved one with flowers, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. To ensure you’re ordering the perfect bouquets from a great flower delivery company, pick a few pointers from the following:

1. Genuine pricing

When it comes to fashion, the greater the haggle, the better. Though a piece of clothing may be low-quality, it wouldn’t be an issue as you can easily pair it with anything fancy-looking.

However, with flowers, anything that’s too low for its price is terrible — no questions asked. 

Flowers are delicate items, so they need careful handling from picking to delivery. Florists also need time to produce a beautiful bouquet arrangement as shown on their site or social media pages. Hence, it’s impossible to knock down the price of a bouquet that’s been cared for and preserved carefully.

So if you are looking for a beautiful bouquet to gift a loved one, research its uniqueness, symbolism, and price. After this, factor in the effort and miscellaneous fees like the wrapper or box and labor.

2. Flower varieties

Sometimes, there are just flowers that perfectly fit your loved one that a typical flower just won’t cut it. 

So, it would be best if you verify the shop’s availability of flowers. They must offer you a wide gamut of flowers that fit your loved one’s preferences. 

If they don’t have the specific flower you’re looking for, notice how they offer you another one that may also carry the same meaning that you need. This will help you know if the business includes a human connection in its services. You’d see if they care about your requests if they too go all out to give your wishes. You’d need this to be sure they reflect the same care you have for your order.

3. Quality

You’re not just plainly sending flowers, but you’re also conveying your feelings. So you want to make sure their flower arrangements aren’t just pretty, but of good quality. It also needs to be fresh and delivered with a human touch. 

Part of quality would also be the type of vase or wrapping paper they use for your order. As such, review their specifications and check if they offer what you need.

4. Customer service

Notice how a flower delivery company handles its online services. Check if they reply to you at least within minutes or an hour after sending an inquiry.

An excellent delivery company, be it a small business or a corporate one, would also give unfiltered photos pre- and post-order. This would eventually reflect on their authenticity and care for your needs.

5. Customer reviews and testimonials

Word of mouth is still the most powerful type of advertising. So, focus on the reviews and testimonials section to see what others say about a delivery company. Check both the good and bad reviews. Essentially, the good reviews must outweigh the bad.

Moreover, authentic delivery service companies have genuine reviews whether you’re purchasing through their website or online marketplaces. Check if the good reviews seem repetitive or too good to be true — most of the time, they’re fabricated.

6. Payment methods

If you already have your eyes on a particular brand, inquire about their modes of payment. Check if their payment methods are secure to avoid getting tangled with fraudulent activities. Should you have doubts about a delivery company, move on to another one that’s reliable.

7. Same-day delivery

Consider the amount of time a delivery service company takes to deliver a bouquet. Be sure they send your order on time as flowers are very perishable. If you can, choose a flower delivery service that offers same-day shipment.

8. Delivery areas

Just because you found a PH-based flower delivery service doesn’t mean they can cover all the areas of the country. They may only deliver in specific locations. Make sure their delivery services cover the area of your recipient before finalizing your order.

9. Shipment information

It’s also vital to know how they will deliver your order. Consider contacting the delivery company and ask them these questions:

How are they going to ship it?

You have to know the mode of delivery to understand how it may affect the flower’s freshness.

What is the shipping lead time?

If the flower ships from far away, it may stay in a box longer than its shelf life. If you’d like to have it delivered on time, adding a priority shipping option may come at a price.

What’s the weather going to be like?

Weather is also a determining factor for a flower’s freshness. You may need to consider ordering in perfect weather to guarantee they’re as pretty as you ordered them.

10. Return policy

It’s easy to tell the quality of a seller’s flowers based on their return policy. Generally, a generous return policy will accept returns and offer exchanges within the first three to five days. A favorable return policy means the flowers you’re ordering are in their best conditions and packed carefully to maintain their beauty and freshness. 

Final note

Flowers have a quintessential charm to them. They are beautiful as they are, but an added effort from a loved one makes them extra special.

We hope our pointers helped you pick the best flower delivery service for a loved one. Let us know how it went!


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