10 Time-Saving Hacks for macOS Users


While it is impossible to extend the time beyond 24-hours a day, it is possible to power through your to-do list faster than ever and has time for leisurely activities. Yes, Macs have hidden features that can help you save time and streamline your workflows. Apply a few of the time-saving hacks given below to speed things up. 

1. Get started quickly

Start saving time by reducing the time taken for your Mac to start up. To speed up the start-up time, go to System Preferences > choose Users & Groups > select your name and Login Items. Then, see which programs start with your computer and remove the ones you don’t need. 

If many programs are starting up automatically when you press the power button, your system will take a while to start up. All the programs need to load and start for your system to work. You can speed up your system by decreasing the number of applications and programs that start functioning during start-up. 

2. Rename groups of files at once

Are you still renaming your files one by one? There’s no need to waste so much time when you can select multiple files in the Finder > choose File and Rename. You can rename all the files at once. 

3. Apple dictation

When you need a faster alternative to typing, think of using dictation tools. One of the best Mac dictation software is Apple Dictation. Siri powers it, and you can use this built-in feature by going to System Preferences > Keyboard > Dictation and using a keyboard shortcut to activate the feature in your application. 

The software lets you edit and format your text by selecting previous words or new paragraphs. Advanced commands are also offered if you wish to customize them. By using this feature, you can speak text and get an equivalent output across any input field. The app can be used in more than 20 languages. 

4. Personalize the trackpad and mouse gestures

The clicks, right swipes, and gestures on your trackpad and mouse can save you a lot of time. Go to System Preferences > choose Mouse or Trackpad > view or edit the available shortcuts.

5. Start your macOS on a schedule

There’s no need to patiently wait for your Mac to boot up when you start work every day. As long as you are punctual, your Mac can be put on a schedule. All you need to do is go to System Preferences > open up Battery > click Schedule. It will start up and wait for you to begin working. 

6. Know your shortcuts or create your own

Keyboard shortcuts can make a huge difference to your overall productivity. Apple already has a list of official shortcuts for macOS, such as Command + X for copying an item, Command + V for pasting an item, Command + Z for undoing the previous command, and so on. 

If the official keyboard shortcuts are not working for you, create your own. To do that, go to Keyboard > select Shortcuts from System Preferences > edit the shortcuts to suit you.

7. Increase your typing speed

Use predictive typing features to increase your typing speed and boost your productivity. You can create shortcuts for phrases that you use regularly. For instance, if you type “btw,” the system will print “by the way.” For this, go to System Preference > Keyboard> select Text and define your shortcuts. 

Predictive typing works the same way as it does in mobile phones. You can customize the tool by adding all the technical jargon or phrases you use regularly and ease your work. 

8. Automate workflows

The built-in Automator application in macOS allows users to launch and control most processes and tasks in batches. You can create custom toggle switches for macOS, resize a group of images at once, convert files between formats, and so much more. 

9. Make use of Spotlight

Spotlight search opens a universal search tool that sweeps through the web and your Mac for answers. You can launch the tool by pressing Command + Space. Besides giving you answers, it can help you with currency conversions, calculations, and even checking the weather. 

10. Let Siri help

Siri is a voice-controlled personal assistant, and she can be very useful. On your Mac, Siri can be used to check and even send messages and emails, adjust display settings and find files quickly. You can even use Siri as a dictation tool. Instead of typing, you can give voice commands to Siri and let her do the work on your behalf. 

Wrapping up!

Time is precious, and by following the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can become a super productive and fast Mac user. 


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