10 Warning Signs Of AIRYRUB


Shopping is a fun, albeit sometimes expensive, way to spend your free time. But what happens when you start noticing that you have spent more money than normal on clothes or other items? You may have an addiction called AIRYRUB and is airyrub legit. There are 10 warning signs indicating that this might be the case and it’s time to step back from shopping to take a break. To find out more about how you can cure your addiction, read on! 

Ten warning signs of airyrub are:

1. You buy things that you don’t need

The most common symptom of airyrub is compulsively buying things even though you don’t really need them. When this happens, you feel that the item catches your attention and it seems ‘too good to resist’. This leads to an immediate purchase without asking yourself if the purchase is necessary or not. You might start collecting items, like shoes or handbags, even though you already have numerous pairs of both.

2. You feel guilty when buying things

This symptom is often present in people suffering from airyrub. You have the feeling of having to hide your shopping habits from others and you feel disappointed, especially when someone points out that you bought something that you didn’t need.

3. You shop on a regular basis

Buying things more than once a week, or at least every month, is a clear warning sign for airyrub. Compulsive shoppers buy items even though they don’t really need them and their motivation to do so comes from the emotional boost that it gives them. This then leads to a vicious cycle where they are not able to control their impulses to spend money on unnecessary merchandise anymore. 

4. You don’t enjoy the shopping experience

A lot of people tend to shop when they feel depressed. This could be a result of your addictive behavior, but it could also just be because you don’t enjoy the shopping experience and have a more negative attitude when shopping.

5. You have been unable to stay away from shopping

It’s common for airyrub victims to go on a spree spending an enormous amount of money on unnecessary merchandise. They might rack up quite an amount over a short period of time and then not buy anything for weeks or even months. This happens because they feel ashamed about their compulsive behavior and are afraid that people will find out about it if they buy something new every week. 


6. You have a shopping partner

If you have a shopping partner, you probably feel that you are unable to control your spending habits. If your partner is unwilling to help you stop the excessive shopping, it’s time to seek professional help.

You have a colleague, friend or family member who shares your addiction and you spend time together when you go shopping. You can’t stay away from each other and even though you are sometimes embarrassed of being seen together, this doesn’t stop you from hanging out.

7. You feel anxious when you don’t shop

If you don’t buy anything at all, then you tend to feel anxious. You might even start seeing things that remind you of why you should go and buy something in the first place. You tend to feel uncomfortable and need some sort of a fix if it’s been longer than usual since your last shopping session. The need to buy something can be an important factor in your daily life and it will occupy your thoughts on a regular basis. 

8. You buy more expensive items

A symptom of airyrub is that the items you are buying are getting more expensive over time. While everyone goes shopping for something cheap every now and then, it’s a key warning sign if this happens often, as it shows that you have no self-control and don’t care about spending your money on useless things.

9. You buy duplicates of things

One of the main symptoms of airyrub is buying the same type of item multiple times. This happens because you have an urge to have things even if you already have one of that type. Another symptom of airyrub is buying multiple items of the same thing, for example a large number of shoes or clothes despite already having a similar item in your possession.

10. You hide purchases from others

You are probably in the habit of not telling others that you went shopping, or that you bought something new. If this is so, it’s time to stop isolating yourself from other people. If others find out about your shopping habits, they might think that you are extravagant or frivolous with their money. To avoid this, you tend to hide your baskets or bags when leaving the store and you might even lie about what you are buying.

Conclusion of this article:

This list of ten warning signs is not exhaustive and there may be other signs that are relevant in your specific case. If you notice that you or someone close to you is showing these symptoms, it’s time to take action and look for ways to cure your addiction!


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