12 Fascinating Reasons People Like Club 4 Fitness.

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What is club 4 fitness?

Club 4 Fitness is a fitness club in Palm Springs, California that’s been helping people achieve their fitness goals for more than 20 years.

Why do people like it?

People like Club 4 Fitness because it has the nicest equipment, the most well-trained staff, and the most group classes. It also has a large pool for lap swimming and saunas for relaxing after a hard workout. People also like Club 4 Fitness because it has one of the most low-pressure, friendly atmospheres at any gym.

Best reason for people to join:

The best reason for people to join Club 4 Fitness is that all new members receive a free, no-obligation 3-day pass to try it out before committing. A second reason people should join Club 4 Fitness is that they’ll receive exclusive offers, including a discount on an annual membership and a complimentary one-month guest pass.

A third reason people should join Club 4 Fitness is that it’s much more than just a gym. It’s got swimming pools and saunas, exercise classes, group workouts and personal training. Members can also use the club’s equipment free during non-peak hours. Most importantly, Club 4 Fitness makes working out fun. That’s why Business Insider named it one of the top 5 most fun gyms in America .

Why should people join here as opposed to somewhere else?

People should join here because they love convenience and this club is located in the center of Palm Springs. It’s just steps away from shops and dining, so members can work out then go shopping or have lunch afterwards–without having to drive.

Does this club have a good reputation?

Yes. Club 4 Fitness has been hailed as one of the best fitness clubs in the country by People magazine , The New York Times , GQ and Bon Appétit. It was also named one of America’s top 10 gyms by Delorme, MSNBC, and USA Today .

What sort of equipment is available?

The club has treadmills, row machines, medicine balls and weight benches. Each machine can accommodate up to three people at a time. Members get access to all the equipment free during off-peak hours on weekends, evenings and some weekdays between 6 PM and 8 PM.

What sort of group exercise classes are available?

The club hosts an array of group exercise classes for adults, including yoga, Pilates, AquaFit and Body Pump. The morning class schedule varies every day, and new classes are added throughout the year. On Sundays, a family-friendly class is offered during the afternoon and early evening hours.

How many personal trainers are available?

Club 4 Fitness has eight certified personal trainers available to help members achieve their fitness goals in a variety of ways. One-on-one training is $60 per hour; semi-private training is $45 per hour; and small group training is $35 per hour. Free group training is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What sort of locker rooms and changing facilities are available?

Club 4 Fitness has a wide array of amenities, including large showers with individual stalls, spa-quality steam rooms, saunas and lockers. There’s also a lounge area with televisions and a kitchen area with free coffee and tea.


Club 4 Fitness offers a variety of monthly memberships , starting at $29 per month for one year. It’s also possible to pay for services on a month-to-month basis . New members receive discounts on the annual membership rate and one-month guest passes . Discounts are also available for students, senior citizens and members of the military .


Club 4 Fitness is a family-friendly health club located in Palm Springs, California. It’s famous for its low-pressure, friendly atmosphere, friendly staff and extensive equipment. The club has a swimming pool and saunas, but it’s also a family fitness center with personal trainers and exercise classes. Club 4 is also known for having one of the best exercise programs in the country. 

Personal trainers there will help members achieve their fitness goals in a variety of ways. Great body sculpting workouts are available; members can gain muscle mass or lose weight using these routines . Members can also join personal training groups , which help them lose weight together; these sessions take place twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays .


Club 4 Fitness has an extensive group exercise program that meets all members’ needs. AquaFit is a low-impact workout suited for people who have physical limitations . Stretching classes are also offered . Yoga classes are geared toward beginner students and provide a full-body workout . There’s also a comprehensive fitness program that was developed by a team of experts. Members can take weekly Pilates mat classes , which help them strengthen important muscles in their core area .

Club 4 Fitness is open year-round, but hours vary according to the season. The club offers swim lessons for children and adults in the summer months. It also holds special events throughout the year, including summer camps , holiday parties and free personal training sessions at local schools .


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