15 Outstanding Adventure Sports to Watch Online

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If you love adventure sports and always wished that you could view these engaging activities like crossword quiz sports level 4 from the comfort of your own home, then this is your lucky day. You can take a look at these engaging adventure sports on the web for free, without having to leave the privacy of your own home. The best part about watching them online is that you have so much time to choose exactly what types of adventure sports you want to watch, compare different types of sports online, and even engage in some expert commentary.

1. The Great Wall of China Cable Car

This is a cable car ride that runs along the Great Wall of China. 

2. Zambia Safari Park

This is an animal park in Zambia. The animals and birds that are housed in the park are native to Africa, and their names are also African.  

3. Delta Airlines Flight 2010

The Delta Airlines flight 2010 was a flight from Atlanta to San Juan, Puerto Rico which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on December 21, 1989 killing all 154 people on board . One of the main reasons for the crash was because two crew members were asleep at the time of takeoff and woke up too late to abort their takeoff.  

4. Skydiving

Skydiving is a really exciting activity to watch online, especially when one sees a skyDIVER fall from high altitude. 

5. Big Wheeler’s Pirate Adventure

This is an adventure park in Japan for children and adults alike. This is located on the island of Okinawa, and it was founded by a man by the name of Yoshiyuki Kato. He grew up on the island of Okinawa, so he knew how to provide fun activities that would attract hundreds of people at a time during the summer months.  

6. Hyperloop One Test Ride

Hyperloop One is an alternative transportation system that runs on magnetic levitation above steel tubes and between cities in limited sections of North America. It operates using solar power. This technology was created by Elon Musk.  

7. Dolphin Interaction in Vallarta, Mexico

Swim with dolphins and enjoy some water fun! Dolphins are beautiful creatures that are playful, a bit mischievous, and friendly.  

8. Walker Stalker Con

If you love the Walking Dead TV show, then check out Walker Stalker Con for some interesting details about the history of The Walking Dead TV show and also find out what is going on in the future as well!  

9. Ogden’s Historic 25th Street

Ogden’s historic 25th street is a really interesting place to visit online due to the fact that it has been around since the 1800s, and one can find some really neat history within this site. Ogden was originally built as a Mormon settlement.  

10. Mission Escape in Mexico

The mission escape in Mexico is a great location for anyone who wishes to have an exciting adventure on their vacation. This place is located in Mexico City, and it includes all sorts of activities for people of all different interests and skill levels.  

11. The Six Flags Magic Mountain Resort

This is an adventure park for people of all ages. One can find lots of ancient statues and relics here, and this just makes the place so much more interesting than a simple amusement park.  

12. Virtual Reality Park in Osaka, Japan

The Virtual Reality Park in Osaka, Japan is a great place to visit for those who enjoy virtual reality games and are looking for some great adventures. There is no better way to experience virtual reality gaming than to actually get into the game!  

13. Go Karting at Go Karting Las Vegas

This is a go karting track in Las Vegas that gives people the chance to drive around a track at high speeds and have a lot of fun every step of the way. This is one of the best places on the web to go karting besides one’s own home and yard. Without a doubt, karting is one of the most entertaining online activities to take part in.  

14. Drop Zone Indoor Skydiving

Drop zone indoor Skydiving is one of the most exciting online activities to take part in, especially if a person has never experienced indoor skydiving before. This is an indoor skydiving facility that offers thrill seekers the opportunity to skydive from somewhere between 2500 to 3000 feet or 60 to 90 stories!  

15. Japan’s AdventureSports Team

This team is located in Japan and their activities include paragliding, skateboarding, BMXing, surfing, and wakeboarding. The Japan’s AdventureSports Team is a group of people who travel around the world and offer various activities like bungee jumping, parachuting, bungy jumping, cliff diving, cliff climbing, hang gliding and more. They are literally known as one of the best adventure sports teams in the world for a reason.


Being able to watch adventure sports online really does have its benefits. You can view these sports from the comfort of your own home and never have to travel anywhere in order to do so.


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