3 Benefits of a Micro Dab Rig Over Other Smoking Accessories!

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As the concentrates continue to rise in popularity, so does that of micro rigs. Just to explain these terms, concentrates are products packed with THC and CBD, the cannabinoids that give marijuana its medicinal and recreational effects. They also contain terpenes, the compounds that give marijuana its smell, flavor, and, more specifically, tailored effects.

As for micro dab rigs, these are devices, usually made from glass, designed for cannabis concentrates instead of the cannabis flower. They are currently one of the most popular ways to consume concentrates.

Micro dabs vaporize concentrates, allowing you to take in cannabinoids and terpenes without needing to burn them. When you buy online and use your micro rig correctly, you enjoy a unique cannabis experience. 

How so? Well, you get to enjoy the convenience of working with a convenient, portable device and the discreteness of inhaling your concentrate without letting off smoke.

But that’s not all there is. 

Let’s now look at 3 incredible benefits of a micro dab rig over other smoking accessories.

1. They Are a Healthier Option

When using micro dab rigs, you inhale the vapor instead of smoke as is the case with other smoking accessories. This vapor is a healthier way of consuming cannabis than smoke.

Besides that, a rig allows you to experience all the effects of marijuana for longer without needing to take large doses. As such, it keeps you from going overboard and experiencing the adverse effects of excessive marijuana use.

2. A Micro Dab Rig Guarantees Consistent Delivery

Micro dabs have control capabilities that ensure you get a consistent dose of THC, CBD, and terpenes with every puff. Innovations like the Ceramic Core Technology make sure the quality of your concentrate is just as consistent.

3. They Are Easier to Use

As the name suggests, micro dabs are smaller, making them easier to use than other smoking accessories. Given their size, they take less effort to use and allow the vapor to reach your mouth with fewer inhalations. 

In turn, this means that you get the full effect out of your concentration, and better yet, faster.

Smaller rigs also allow you to experience the full flavor of your concentrate since they use less water, thereby minimizing the chances of excessive diluting.

Get Your Micro Rig for a Safer, More Effective Way of Consuming Cannabis

As explained above, micro dab rigs will give you more benefits for very little work. They offer more effective hits and fuller flavors, a wholesome marijuana experience that each stoner out there is looking for. For this reason, acquiring a micro rig is for sure one of the best investments you can make for your hobby.

But all the same, you need to practice utmost precaution when consuming concentrates with your micro rig.

This begins with avoiding taking too much cannabis concentrate. Instead start with small, pin-sized dabs and gradually adjust your dab size to match your needs. After all, you can always take a second dab and another. 

Also, be careful with the torch and nail as they tend to get very hot, and can result in serious burns.


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