3 Essential Tools for Creating Engaging Content: How to Get Noticed by Your Target Audience


One of the biggest challenges for content creators is to find a way to stand out from the masses of other material published online. But, just like any other marketing strategy, it’s important to identify and engage with your target audience. In order for a piece of content to be successful, it has to be engaging or interesting while still being informative or useful.

Movers-edge says, there are many different ways a content creator can make their work more interesting and engaging for their audience. One way is to create a unique take on a topic. Create something that does not exist anywhere else and start a conversation about it with your target audience.

This article will show you how to develop content that is interesting and engaging, and help your audience understand the information better by using plain language and making sure to provide context clues along with every piece of content you publish.

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What is plain language? 

Plain language is a communication style that uses readily understood language and grammatical structures. Plain language is considered a direct, conversational style of writing that uses clear, simple words and pronouns.

This type of writing is easy to understand for the reader and helps them get what you are trying to say right away. It avoids long complicated sentences or complex acronyms. The best way to remember this concept is to think about how you would write a letter to your grandmother. You want to use simple, clear language that she would be able to understand. Plain language is exactly the same thing.

Making your writing easier to understand also helps you avoid common mistakes, like writing sentences that are too long. Long sentences can be difficult for the reader and depending on their reading level, they may not have the patience to read a sentence without a proper break in it.

Grammatically correct

The reason why you should buy this product is because it will make your life easier and more adaptable when it comes to quickly making a cup of coffee.

This is an example of bad writing! It’s way too long and very difficult to read.

In addition, you want to make sure your sentence is grammatically correct. Grammar points like missing conjunctions, run-on sentences, wordy phrases or unnecessary words will also make your writing difficult to read.

If you’re looking for help with grammar, here are some online resources to get started: Grammarly and Lingo Tactics.

What is a context clue? 

A context clue is a detail or piece of information that lets the reader know you’re talking about something specific. It’s basically a hint. While you may be able to guess what your sentence is referring to, it’s always ideal if you can complete the meaning for your reader so they clearly understand what your point is.

For example, here are two sentences:

The car turned left and then headed into the parking lot. The car turned left and went into the parking lot.

The first sentence doesn’t give the reader enough information and it makes them confused. Instead, you want to make your writing more interesting by providing context clues so the reader can understand what you’re trying to say.

The first way to give the reader context clues is by using descriptive words or phrases. For example, instead of saying “the car,” you could say “the red car.”

The second way is to use an introductory sentence. You can begin your sentence with a phrase that sets up the context for the rest of the sentence. This helps your reader understand what you mean right away and makes your writing easier to read and understand.

If you’re in the business of creating content, whether it’s for a blog, podcast, marketing campaign or anything else, these three essential tools will help you start gaining traction and keep your audience engaged.

1. Simple website

Create a simple website that gets your name out there. Spend the time to make it beautiful but not complicated. It’s about getting results!

2. Blogging software

Blog software is meant to help authors manage their articles and posts on an easy-to-use dashboard that helps them stay organized and keeps them on track with their schedule. 

3. Podcasting software

The podcast industry is exploding, and the ability to produce content quickly and easily is imperative. Use this software to start recording your own podcast content.

What tools will you use for your business?

1. Social media platform

Use the most popular social media platforms to build relationships with potential clients or customers who may be looking for you or your services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

2. Email marketing software

Make it easy for potential clients to contact you with an email address. Highlight when you’re available to respond and keep your name in front of your audience.

3. Ebook creation software

Ebooks are a great asset for businesses that have the time to research their topic and create valuable content!

4. Content creation training

Done right, the right kind of training can help you master a new skill quickly and easily and get started on creating business-driven content.

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