4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Italian Vacation

Italian Vacation

Italy is famed for being the “boot-shaped” looking peninsula in Europe along the Mediterranean coastline. But more than that, it holds the great distinction for being an ancient civilization, leaving many ancient ruins and historical landmarks. It is also famous for its landmark art, like the Coliseo in Rome, the statue of David in Florence, and the Duomo in Milan. If you are planning a trip to explore the hidden corners of Italy, it would be best to look for a travel agent like Alma Italia to curate a trip of your dreams. 

There are a wealth of travel tips and sample itineraries telling you what to do in Italy. However, very few are candid about the mistakes travelers make when planning their Italian vacations. If you know what these pitfalls ahead are, you can avoid them. With the right advice, you can plan a fuss-free trip and get more bang for your back. Let’s get started so you can learn the most common mistakes to avoid when planning your vacation to Italy. 

Allotting So Many Days for Rome

Though this beautiful city offers many scenic spots like the Vatican, Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain, it is not the only scenic spot in Italy. Most people make a mistake and spend too much time here. Around 2 to 3 days will give you enough time to get a good glimpse of Rome so you can see what the rest of Italy has to offer. There’s gondola rides in Venice, the summer palace of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo, the beautiful gardens in Lago Maggiore, and many more to see and do. If you plan your days well, you won’t sacrifice seeing some of the other scenic spots in Italy. 

Over Stuffing Your Trip With Too Much

Italy may look like a small country on the map, but don’t underestimate its size. When you try to do too much in one trip, you may end up burning out. Though you want to maximize your limited break, an over-packed itinerary will feel tiresome. Cramming too many places in one will not allow you to enjoy the nuances of a quaint town thoroughly. If you need help, an experienced travel company like amalia italia can help you curate a balanced itinerary that allows you to see many things without leaving you overwhelmed. After all, a vacation also calls for some space to rest, so limiting the number of places you see and pacing things just right is crucial. 

Forgetting to Book Advanced Tickets

Italy has a lot of tourists raring to see the famous places. Unfortunately, so many visitors waste a lot of time falling in line for entrance to these areas. If you intend to see the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum, Colosseum, Doge’s Palace, David, or Uffizi Gallery, it would be prudent to purchase and pre-book tickets ahead online. This will help you save a lot of time so you can see and do more things instead of just waiting in line to get inside. 

Focusing Only on the Tourist Hot Spots

Finally, though it is amazing to include popular vacation spots like the Vatican in Rome or the Venetian Canals, don’t write off other small, majestic places. It is a huge mistake to just visit tourist hot spots and nowhere else. Apart from seeing the popular stuff like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, don’t forget to take the road less travelled as it can reveal many amazing gems. For example, take a Tuscan adventure in Florence or exploring the beautiful small towns by Lake Como. So look for a reputed agent like Alma Italia and visit this amazing place soon.


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