4 Top types of shower mixers in Singapore


Every morning before you leave for your regular routines, you’ll want to take a shower so that you can stay active and fresh throughout the day. The time spent in the shower every day is relatively more. Therefore, you need to improve your shower experience by upgrading or installing a shower mixer. Shower mixers have become increasingly essential elements in every bathroom. They significantly reduce trickling water flows and regulate water temperature to improve the overall shower experience. Shower mixers have valves that control cold and hot water supplies and combine them to ensure the temperature doesn’t fall or rise higher. You can get the best shower mixer in Singapore by visiting https://www.futar.com.sg/product-category/bathrooms/faucets/mixers/. Different shower mixers work differently. There are many types of shower mixers in Singapore that you can choose from, as explained below:

1. Manual shower mixer

This is among the most common type of shower mixers you’ll come across on the market today. The user manually sets the required temperature every time they need to take a shower. Its use isn’t complex. However, it’s essential to contact a professional plumber for its installation even if you’ve got some knowledge about the process to avoid problems that result from improper installation. The cost of installation is also a bit lower. A manual shower mixer lacks a thermostat that automatically regulates water temperature in the shower. Instead, it has a pressure balancing valve that helps regulate both pressure and temperature depending on one’s preference.

2. Thermostatic shower mixer

People who don’t want to regulate water temperature in the bathroom manually can consider getting thermostatic shower mixers. These shower mixers have thermostats which are responsible for this. More importantly, they keep the temperature constant regardless of how long you’ll be taking your shower. This is essential because it eliminates scalding risk by improving safety. A thermostatic shower mixer separately controls water flow and heat. Therefore, it can be easier to pre-set the preferred temperature prior to turning your shower on.

3. Smart shower mixer

The growth of technology has also played a big part in the introduction of smart shower mixers. These shower mixers have ultimately brought a newer shower experience to people. Using a smart shower mixer, it’s easier to adjust shower settings based on your general mood. You can set your suitable shower temperature every time without struggling. These shower mixers can also be controlled remotely. More importantly, their compatibility with other smart devices makes their use even easier.

4. Digital shower mixer

The current world has shifted to digital. This is because it makes work easier. Besides home security, technology has also seen its way to the bathroom. There are many brands of digital shower mixers in the market today that have proven effective in regulating water temperature. A digital shower mixer utilizes inbuilt technology to sense when the user needs a specific water temperature. It has a digital display where you can check and adjust temperature settings depending on your shower preference. Some digital shower mixers have remote controls which will help you set specific temperature degrees while in your bedroom before taking a shower.

In conclusion, these are the top types of shower mixers in Singapore. Their installation cost will vary depending on quality, job complexity, and the plumber.


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