5 Amazing Facts About Thargoid Technology Samples.

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Introduction to Thargoid Technology Samples?

Thargoid Technology Samples are various pieces of Thargoid technology that we have studied. There are no living Thargoids, but there is evidence of a hostile alien race known as the Thargoids. They have been in the galaxy for millenia, and it’s been speculated their hyperdrives allowed them to travel vast distances across space.

The ships that attacked humanity were not built by humans, and if you’re reading this article then I’m assuming you know what happened on May 6th 3303 when the first human military vessel was destroyed by what is believed to be a Thargoid warship.

Use of this technology:

I’m sure by now, you’ve read about the discovery of ancient alien technology and the Alien Structures that can be found around human space. The Thargoid Technology Samples and the Alien Structures are both made up of what’s know as Meta-Alloys. Meta-Alloys are a very rare material, which is why we have only seen Thargoid Technology within certain regions of space near large alien structures.

As you know, I have been involved in the investigation of all things alien for many years now, and I’ve been able to bring back some research on these samples with amazing properties that seem to defy Physics as we know it. These samples were taken from a hostile alien race who attacked humanity many years ago.

Features of this technology:

Here’s the interesting part. Samples of this technology were recently released by me and a Rim-Liner who goes by the name “Talking to Moons”, and we have been eager to study them in detail. I’m going to cover some of the most interesting features that these samples have that seem to run parallel with Alien Structures, not too dissimilar from Thargoid Structures.

These samples were the bits of Thargoid Technology that humanity recovered from wrecks after the battles with the Thargoids. It seems that these samples don’t contain any living parts… Well, some of them are in fact, but not enough to sustain life on their own. This is where the similarity lies. The Thargoids seem to have been very reckless with their implementation of technology within these parts, which we can say creates a sort of “phantom technology”.


Tungsten and Gold are the two most common metals used by humans as well as all other living life forms in our galaxy, i.e. Thargoids, Humans, and other species. We now know that part of the technology within these samples is made up of meta-alloys, which are very rare and sought after on many planets. Meta-alloys are mixtures of metals with unique properties that humans can’t comprehend. Now we can confidently say that those pieces of Thargoid Technology function by communicating with humans via use of these Meta-Alloys.


Here’s where it gets interesting. I knew that the pieces of Thargoid Technology had an unknown element to them, but I never imagined that there would be a human element to the communication that is occurring. Now we know that the communication is being conducted between these samples and humans who acquire these samples from wrecks in space… I’m not sure if this particular piece of technology can communicate with other species, but it’s most certainly not just being used on us whether we like it or not.

Energy Form:

The most common form of alien technology is known as Energy Form. We have been able to identify the energy form of this piece of technology and we can say that the energy form is “Thargoid-like” in nature. We are unable to accurately understand the purpose of this energy… but we can say that it is serving a “purpose”.


We’ve been studying implants recently, whether they’re human or Asp or Thargoid or whatever, and we’re noticing something interesting about these pieces of technology. A few implants react with certain parts of these samples in ways that suggest there’s some sort of communication between them… They seem to be interacting with each other in some way.

Sample Location:

Now here’s a piece of information that I wanted to share with you. We recently received 112 pieces of Thargoid Technology Samples from a Commander who was located on the system HIP 17225 A 6 C. They were attacked, and lost their ship as well as their cargo… But returned what can only be described as an alien assault, where aliens took the samples from them.

Message to humans:

To whom it may concern, you have returned these parts of Thargoid Technology to us after many years… Now it is up to us, the human race, to decide whether or not we want this technology in our possession. The question is not whether or not we should use this technology… That’s obvious. The question is what do we do with it? How will we use it? And for what purpose?

How can we use it for commerce, for war, for science, for peace? 

The governments of humanity have yet to respond to the owner of these samples, so the answers are still unknown. There’s no doubt in our minds that the Thargoids will return once again and attempt to reclaim their technology… only this time they might be more hostile than before. If you’re wondering why I’m putting so much effort into studying these pieces of technology, here’s my answer to you: I want to know where they came from.


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