Add a tablespoon of oil to 2 cups of nuts. It can be medium, light or flavorful like coconut oil. You can also add sea salt or your favorite sweetener.

It is best to add a mixture of nuts and plantains, peanuts and peanut butter to soften the heart rhythm. When everything is normal, add oil and continue working until the mixture is the same as the cream.

Sometimes you need to stop the processor to scratch. When you are done, you can add your choice of dessert or flavoring at the end. We introducing you the best food processor for chopping nuts

Find out how difficult it is to make butter with nuts, which is why butter is added. Well, if you don’t mind peanut butter and stirring, stirring is normal.

You need to make peanut butter from soft fruits, which traditional filters or food processors cannot do. As long as you want thick butter, thick peanut butter, the softness of the cream can only be supplemented by the best nutmeg extract.

The quality of the motor determines the capacity of the nut butter machine. For best results in a food processor, You need a powerful food engine to crush it with high-speed options.

Don’t forget the shoulders. You have a powerful engine and weak shoulders, which means that the food processor is weak. Shoulders should be sharp and strong to make them strong and durable, so that ordinary bicycle shoes cannot be used to clean and lubricate peanut butter.


Breville’s production machine is powerful, with a 1200 watt generator, a high-power processor, and it can also grind nuts in a food processor.

The power of 1200 watts means that the machine can grind and shred food processor nuts in a very short time. It comes with a very wide 5.5-inch feeding tube that allows you to feed seeds directly in a pre-prepared bowl.

the Breville Sous Chef® 16 Pro Food Processor • Breville

Designed for longevity, Breville is solid and will not fall off the peanut butter table. The free BPA bag is large and can hold 16 cups, which is the maximum amount of peanut butter you can make, and a small bowl can hold 2.5 cups. Three useful wings and 5 tapes are strong and durable, with high quality, making it a durable food producer.

The silicone seal can reduce liquid leakage, and there is a safety system to prevent the motor from working before the lid is tightly closed. The high-resolution and low-resolution image processing system also makes the processor very beautiful and efficient.

BRAUN FP3020 – 12 

Braun FP3020 has 12 cups for dry and 9 cups of soda – water, as well as 7 different blade options and unusual shapes for the 11-speed model. It has also a wide range of high performance.

BRAUN FP3020 12-Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful European made With  German Engineering 220 volts

Although the function is not very powerful, its silent power is still 600 watts, which is much higher than 900 watts.

Except for the motorcycle base, all parts of Braun FP3020 are container cleaners, which is inevitable because it can be a troublesome process.

Its efficient machinery makes it quieter than other food manufacturers that provide nut butters. It has high-speed performance and start function, which can make it start to run at any speed without having to rotate all to reach the required speed.

The processor is sturdy, powerful, with a wide base and located in some seats. The technology is very easy to use, can be installed on the base of the motorcycle, and the motorcycle can only be started after the lid is properly closed.


This powerful 720-watt processor has a working 14-cup saucer and a starter motor. But don’t worry, this motorcycle is slow,

The high-quality machine can be connected to the metal plate, water cutting plate and cutting blade, so you can easily operate up to 4 cup. The different parts of the washing machine (Lexan dishes, leaves and lid) increase your comfort, so there is no washing machine.

Cuisinart Custom DFP-14BCNY 14 Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel  - Walmart.com - Walmart.com

Controls include “on” and “off/pulse” buttons, 7 food preparation functions, making the operation easier. Use a very nice spatula and large feeding tube.

The 14-cup DFB-14BCNY food is great and needs some space, but we don’t worry about it, because it is hard and strong, has a stable weight, and is big enough. This processor having all spare cartridges.


If you just want to make a small amount of peanut butter, this is a simple 250-watt processor. This is very nice  processor of peanut butter.

26 Cuisinart Mini Prep Food Processor ideas | cuisinart, food processor  recipes, processor

The air generator is available in 3 and 4 sizes, and only has two positions: grinding and cutting, and the metal handle moves on both sides. beautiful scenery! This means that there is no need to perform any equipment replacement work, the only thing you have to do is to choose cutting or grinding, mixing or grinding.

Plastic containers without BPA can hold 24 ounces and have the greatest control capabilities. Therefore, the lid is also the correct dishwasher, so it is easy to clean.

Despite its small size, it is very tall when riding a motorcycle.


Other expensive food accessories, Hamilton Beach 12-cup smoke detectors and snap buttons are kept in their original size, and include simple game combinations, namely smoke and dry buttons, without the need for a hard and twisted lock.

Amazon.com: Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack & Snap Food Processor & Vegetable  Chopper, Black (70725A): Kitchen & Dining

The total power is 12 watts and the driving engine is 450 watts. It provides you with more S-blade options at higher speeds. It has two function buttons on its front side, you can choose according to your choice and the speed of the blade, and a large button is called a food button.

The food production machine pressed hard and hit the area. These quick changes are safe tools for small or difficult hands.


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