5 Essential Activewear Every Woman Must Have in Their Closet


Nowadays, the world of sports and fashion can successfully intertwine. The emergence of athleisure allows anyone to look great even if they have nowhere else to go but the gym. The new line of women’s activewear already blurred the lines between practicality and style. 

Recent reports from Euromonitor International revealed that the women’s activewear market sales reached $26.8 billion in 2018. Due to the rising popularity of these apparels, women who want to look great while working out must know which ones have to be part of their wardrobe. Here are some of the essential sportswear for women that you must have on hand.   

#1: Sports Bra 

A woman’s workout kit will not be complete without a sports bra. It is crucial in making any woman feel comfortable while doing different physical activities. If you choose the wrong sports bra, you can be at risk of damaging your breast tissue and causing skin sagging. 

There are three different types of sports bras to choose from. The first one is the Compression Bra, which is made to constrict the movement of the breast and ideal for smaller breasts. The other one is the Encapsulation Bra, which lifts the breast securely and makes women with medium to the large bust line. The Combination Bra combined both functions and geared towards those with larger cup sizes. 

#2: Yoga Pants and Running Pants

Yoga pants are one of the most sought after women’s activewear. These typically inexpensive garments are very versatile. Its elasticity offers constant comfort. It is the reason why it is the preferred piece of clothing for activities like squats and pilates. 

For more strenuous workouts, most women prefer running pants. It is made from lighter materials and can absorb sweat better. 

#3: Pair of Trainers 

Your footwear can make or break your workout. If you wear ill-fitting trainers, it may cause you to feel uncomfortable and could cause possible accidents in the long run.

Those who plan to do more cardio workouts must look for a lightweight pair of trainers. But if you plan to spend more time lifting weights, it will be better to look for pairs with better heel support. 

#4: Jackets 

If you want to spend more time exercising outdoors, it is best to layer up during the cold winter months. You must invest in thermal materials that will insulate your body during the workout. 

Meanwhile, running jackets are best for all types of weather. These are lightweight, water-resistant, and durable. But if you need to sweat more while working out indoors, you may wear thick fleece hoodies. 

#5: Sweat-Wicking Tops 

Investing in wicking tops is a great idea during the warmer weather. The advanced technology synthetic fabric prevents you from overheating. The treatable tops look great with any sports bras and yoga pants. 

For cheaper options, you may look for any shirts made with breathable fabric. 

Bonus Tip: Invest in Water-Proof Makeup

While it is more practical to avoid cosmetics while working out, some women prefer to wear makeup to make them look good while breaking a sweat. So if you want to wear makeup, you must look for the right products like tinted moisturisers and sheer foundations. These have lighter composition compared to typical makeup. 

Women can still feel pretty and confident even while covered in sweats. You only need to find the best looking activewear that offers the best comfort and function without sacrificing your style.


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