5 Misconceptions About Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Unfortunately, substance abuse challenges face a severe level of stigma. Outsiders, unaware of the profound, embedded challenges associated with drug addiction, cast judgment on individuals who are doing their best.

Terms like “junkie” only reinforce the stigma and make it that much harder for individuals with substance challenges to seek professional help. 

To shine a light on the reality of drug addiction, here are five misconceptions. For more information on drug addiction recovery, head to Addiction Treatment Magazine online to see more

1. “Drug Addiction Isn’t A Choice”

Drug addiction has both genetic and environmental causes. Recovery is an ongoing process. Addictive tendencies are a lifelong challenge that requires ongoing maintenance to overcome. 

The biosocial theory explains why some individuals are more vulnerable to problematic behaviors such as drug abuse. 

Search For “Drug Rehab Near Me” 

Know that drug addiction is not a choice, that those who recover, live recovery as a lifestyle, and deserve your compassion and respect. If you are concerned, search for “drug rehab near me” to find treatment. You might also want to consider seeking assistance from medication assisted treatment available online.

2. “Alcohol Addiction Isn’t As Bad”

Alcohol addiction is just as severe as other substance disorders. 

Reward mechanisms tell the brain that feel-good reactions must happen again. This makes overcoming alcohol cravings challenging.

Abusing alcohol is a coping mechanism for those unable to manage their feelings using healthier means.  

Search online for “drug rehab near me” to find therapies for co-occurring disorders. 

3. “Addicts Don’t Try Hard Enough” 

Some think recovery is a simple formula: go to rehab and get on with your life. This is false. Drug usage can stop, but cravings and tendencies remain. 

The relapse rate is high because of ingrained tendencies to continue using. Emotional triggers can also increase the risk of relapse. Search “drug rehab near me” and get help now. 

Psychologists are now understanding the overlap between substance abuse and mental health. In addition to rehab, it is important to do emotional work. 

By searching for “drug rehab near me”, you can find drug rehab facilities that also offer therapy. These combined services also provide those who struggle with drug addiction with a toolkit of skills for living life drug-free. 

4. “Addicts Are Hopeless” 

Since the relapse rate is as high as it is, many assume that addicts are hopeless and can never get clean. Recovery will take all a person has, but recovery is NOT impossible. 

The body may always crave the substance, and the person may always have triggers that tempt them to use, but neither of these variables indicate that an addict cannot recover. 

To find support, search “drug rehab near me” to get help today. 

5. “If They Aren’t Unkept, They’re Not An Addict”

If a person is unkempt, they are not automatically a drug addict. Many people develop drug addiction after taking addictive drugs prescribed to them! Addicts can be homeless people, CEOs, and anyone in-between. 

Recovery Is Ongoing

Those looking to overcome addiction must commit to detox and adopt strategies for change. Ditch the stigma and know that recovery is possible. 


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