5 Unconventional Knowledge About Freedom Fitness

jenny hill mQVWb7kUoOE unsplash
jenny hill mQVWb7kUoOE unsplash

The freedom fitness philosophy is one that strives to be a special type of fitness. It is not about being perfect and being able to do every exercise with full form, but it is about being free in your own body and in the way you move. It is about being free from the way we are limited in our own body and moving, and being able to move as we want to do. It is everything that you have deep inside you, your imagination and realizing that no person has ever been perfect in a body. Freedom fitness, Edinburgh Trenton works on the similar philosophies down below.

We are all born with different bodies, different minds and different DNA codes. When we start learning how to be physically active, we think that by working out hard and running every day we can attain the perfect body of our dreams. We challenge ourselves to go long distances without taking rest or stop for food which leads us to the point of not eating at all or gaining weight in our bodies.

5 Unconventional Knowledge About Freedom Fitness

1. Freedom fitness is not about being perfect

It all comes from your imagination and your personal freedom. The only thing that can limit you is your own mind. There is no definition of a perfect body when it comes to freedom fitness. It is about the way you move and feel inside your body, the way you use every cell of your body freely, the way you create new movements that no one has been able to do before and seeing them as possible for yourself. In freedom fitness there are no rules, it is unlimited and there are no punishments or rewards. There are only results from every movement and exercise done with love and happiness in our hearts.

2. Freedom fitness is about being strong mentally

You need to be strong in your mind and love yourself for who you are. You need to be able to see the best in yourself and believe that you can do anything you want. You have dreams and goals, and with freedom fitness you can reach them all. If a person is weak in their minds they are never going to achieve anything they want in life, they will not believe they can do things that other people find impossible, so they quit before reaching the goal. A person who is strong in their mind will always try to go further than expected, and go beyond their own limits because he or she sees only success awaiting.

jenny hill mQVWb7kUoOE unsplash

3. Freedom fitness is about dreaming big

You should always dream as big as you can. People with small dreams are never going to do anything in their lives. They will have an average life and they have limited themselves from the beginning. If you want to be successful, you need to believe in yourself and your thoughts, you are not limited by anyone or anything, you can go where ever you want to go, do whatever you want to do, meet whoever you want to meet and achieve whatever goals that come to your mind. There is no limit or goal that is too high for a person who wants it enough and believes in themselves.

4. Freedom fitness is about thinking positive

You can never achieve anything in your life if you are not thinking positively. Those who are always talking bad about their own self and never believe in themselves will never reach any of their goals. If you think negatively, it will only serve to bring you down and make you feel like a loser. When you think negative all the time, your mind will take it as a reality and your reality will be bad because your mind created it that way. You have to stop believing that someone’s opinion is more important than yours. Always look at what people are telling you from the point of view “I don’t care what they think. If I do it, I am going to achieve what I want to achieve”.

5. Freedom fitness is about doing what you love

The thing about freedom fitness is that you have to do something that you love. The body does not care how much weight you can lift, how fast or how far you run. It only cares about how often and for how long a person does his or her exercises in a day. You could be the best in the world at lifting weight and running, but if one day you feel like not going out because it will be raining outside and you don’t feel like running or lifting weights, then your idea of freedom fitness which is based on exercise will be worthless because it will make the person feel unhappy. You need to know that by doing something you love, it will never be a burden on you. You will always be happy and satisfied with what you are doing. Even if it is the smallest thing, doing something you love will be more rewarding for your body than running for hours every day


Freedom fitness is not about being perfect, it is about choosing to be free and having fun. A person who has freedom fitness will never feel like they are doing nothing and it will always be something that they enjoy doing.


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