6 Benefits Of Utilising Video Services For Your Company

Video Services

The recruitment process is a critical part of any company’s hiring strategy. Having the right people on board can make all the difference, so it’s essential to have a robust recruitment process in place. 

But how can you ensure that your organization attracts the best candidates? Video for recruitment can be a great way to enhance the recruitment process.

Video can enhance your recruitment process.

Video is a great way to showcase your company’s culture, products, people, and location.

● Use Video to share your company’s culture. Have you been voted one of the top companies to work at in the country? A great way to show this off is with a fun team video that shows employees authentically enjoying each other’s company. 

This will help potential candidates get a feel for what it would be like working there without them having to spend hours on the phone with recruiters or HR teams trying to explain what makes your organization so special.

● Use video demos of your product or service as part of the interview process. If you have something unique about your business that’s not easily conveyed through text alone (like an app), consider using video demos as part of interviews for customer service roles. 

Consider sending out weekly updates via email—these should highlight new hires within different departments, promotions and awards won by employees, behind-the-scenes footage from recent events held by different teams within your organization, etc.

Post those videos directly onto social media channels like Facebook and Twitter!

Video can help you find candidates more quickly.

In addition to the above, video can help you find candidates more quickly. You’ll have a shorter time to fill, which means less risk for your company and increased efficiency for your team.

The most obvious advantage is that the video helps you see the candidate’s personality, which is often a highly-valued asset in job searches. 

It also gives you an opportunity to hear how they speak and how they react when put on the spot. This information can be valuable when it comes down to making an offer and choosing who gets hired!

Video will help attract better candidates.

Videos are a powerful marketing tool, and they can be used to attract better candidates.

In a world where most people are browsing social media or watching videos on their phones, video offers a unique opportunity to showcase your company in the best way possible. By adding video to your job listings, you can show off what it’s like to work at your company in ways that text alone doesn’t allow—and it can help you get more applicants as well!

Video also has the ability to reach more diverse audiences than other types of content do. 

A recent study by Animoto found that nearly 60% of people who watched an employer’s video were more likely than those who didn’t watch one at all—what’s more, is that this statistic holds true across all age groups (from millennials right up through baby boomers). 

And if you’re trying to recruit female candidates too? Well then: another benefit! It turns out that women who viewed employer-created videos were twice as likely as both men and women who didn’t watch them at all.”

Recruitment is a two-way process.

Recruitment is a two-way process. While it’s important for companies to attract the right people, it’s just as important for applicants to find the right job. And that means that recruitment needs both employers and candidates to work together in order for it to be successful.

That being said, you can enhance your recruitment process simply by using videos!

Videos are great because they help you attract more applicants while also making sure that each applicant gets a fair shot at getting hired.

A coordinated video recruitment strategy can transform your talent acquisition.

Video can help you communicate with candidates in a variety of ways, including:

● Showing the company’s culture

● Sharing company history and values

● Demonstrating your office space and work environment

● Describing work-life balance opportunities

Video can make your recruitment process better for both the company and its applicants.

What’s more, video can be used to communicate with applicants, candidates, employees, customers, and even investors. So how do you use video in your recruitment process?

● Step 1: Create a corporate video

● Step 2: Put it on your website or social media channels

● Step 3: Send an email out with the link so that interested parties can watch your company’s videos

By making a video for the recruitment process, you can attract better candidates and increase the chances of finding the right person for the job. 

If you’re looking to improve your talent acquisition, consider implementing video into your application process. 

Video will help you find candidates more quickly, attract better quality applicants and even improve retention rates by providing a deeper understanding of what it means to work at an organization like yours.


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