6 of the best places for this summer in Switzerland


It’s pretty tough to list Switzerland’s best places as the most beautiful country in the world. It’s a winter paradise for travelers with snow-capped mountains, world-class skiing, and unbelievable views. But we can not ignore the warmer summer months! This country provides so much for every day in the summer sun between the crystal-clear lakes, rolling green hills, and exquisite hiking trails.


Though it’s Switzerland’s biggest city, don’t let it deceive you. It is one of the simplest towns to sail. Enjoy a summer swim in Lake Zurich, stroll along the Bahnhofstrasse’s luxurious shopping streets, and enjoy one of more than 1,500 restaurants and cafes all in one day. You won’t want to miss a night at the private Bar Au Lac Hotel if you’re looking for a place to stay.


Both art lovers are named! Prepare to enjoy the many exhibitions, activities, and galleries in this area. Basel is a quaint town in the northernmost part of Switzerland on the German-French border. Many of them skip through Basel to the next bucket list destination with the airport nearby. You don’t know that they miss the lively past of Art Basel, spectacular views of the Rhine, and the sophisticated buildings of the Old Town. Baselâ’s Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois is one of Europeâ s oldest city hotels. The hotel was built in 1861 and boasts a rich past. See more here about the historic elegance of this hotel.


It is known that without including a charming Swiss alpine village, you can’t make it through the best place post in Switzerland. The picturesque town of Verbier is situated high in the mountains. During the summer months, the best Swiss backgrounds can be encountered during canyoning, hiking, biking, and cycling. For the best views and food in the area, break for lunch outside the village of Namaste or La Marmotte, or better yet picnicalize and dine off the beaten track. Don’t forget about the wine! Do not forget about the wine! This Swiss canton is Switzerland’s largest wine-production area, but nothing is exported due to its remote location, drink! You will need a place to relax in comfort after a long walk through the summer and a delicious Swiss meal. Lodge Verbier is the ideal escape for Sir Richard Branson. 


The best of Switzerland and Italy are joined together by Lugano, situated in the center of Europe. It has become one of the best destinations for summer in Europe, regarded as one of the sunniest places in Switzerland due to its micro-climate. Lake Lugano is the biggest sightseeing in summer but the shopping scene is a near second with the Italian presence of this area. Exploring Civico-Ciani Divine Park, escape the city. You can find an abundance of blooming summer flowers and fountain plants, over 63,000 square acres of greenery. Find out more about the Mediterranean landscape and settle in Villa Principe Leopoldo. This sumptuous hotel was an enclosed, spacious villa with 360° views of the city underneath. 


Near the base of this mountain is the city of Lucerne, home to the famous Chapel Bridge. This makes Mount Burgenstock one of the least recognized destinations. However, this mountain city surely deserves a spot on the best place list in Switzerland. The views over the Lucerne Sea and sweeping green wetlands are unbelievable and peppered with sweet small family farms and colorful wild summer blossoms. The highest outdoor lift in Europe is Mount Burgenstock, too. This unique landmark with wonderful views of Switzerland. This is a unique place to see. If you fly for one night or a week to Mount Burgenstock, staying at Villa Honegg Hotel is a must! A full day will first be on your to-do list in the heated outdoor infinity pool.


This is one of the most famous regions in Switzerland, renowned for the entrance to the top of Europe. However, outside of the tourist attractions, there are so many unique towns that make it a top destination for all travelers in Switzerland. The picturesque villages of Grindelwald, Murren, Lauterbrunnen, and Wengen can be explored with cable and train services. Murren is a charming, traffic-free city nestled in a mountainside and ideal for a picnic. Trummelbach Falls is a summer activity that must be performed with a total of 72 barrel waterfalls, twists, and scenic views. This area can bring months of activities for the entire family only a short drive from the town of Interlaken.


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