6 Video Marketing Hacks That Actually Work

Video Marketing

Incorporating video is becoming the next new great trend in marketing. Video marketing is guaranteed to get you closer to achieve your business goals. And guess what! Creating videos for marketing is perhaps the most effortless thing to do. With a little recording and editing with a basic smartphone or another camera, you are able to create a nice comprehensive video about your product. It is as easy as subscribing to one of the Spectrum packages

Video marketing has opened great avenues and possibilities in the field of marketing. There’s already tons of video content on social media. Brands and companies have recognized the potential of video marketing. And that’s true for small brands to big companies. Some instances of video marketing are Snapchat stories, “live” feature on social media, and corporate webinars. Videos are literally coming in every imaginable size, shape, and format. 

Read on to explore why you should instantly jump into the video marketing game. 

Top 6 Video Marketing Hacks to Boost Your Business

Following are some inspiring, compelling, and actionable tips to create incredible videos for an enhanced ROI:

  1. Create an Impressive Video Story for Your Brand/Product
  2. Make the First Few Seconds Worth-Watching the Whole Thing
  3. Incorporate Live Videos
  4. Add Subtitles for User Convenience
  5. Mobile and Search Optimization are a Must
  6. Cash What’s Trending

Let’s discuss. 

Create an Impressive Video Story for Your Brand/Product

Since inception, the power of storytelling is undeniable. And when you couple storytelling with videography, you can create a strong emotive power. As a marketer, you need to learn how to create a video that revolves around a story that is worth sharing. No one wants to see a video that is full of brand hymns. Come with a strong message or a relatable, engaging story about your product. You can use a real-life experience with your product. This is where you need to be creative. 

Make the First Few Seconds Worth-Watching the Whole Thing

You should know that the first 10 seconds of the video are the most crucial. They will determine whether a viewer will keep viewing it or not. Know that your audience is too busy. They are bombarded with content on social media that people have worked hard for and invested time and effort in. And they will only pause on your video if it is worth it. Check and re-check your script. Make sure it is engaging enough to keep them glued to the video story for at least 10 seconds. It will be a great hack to raise their security or ask a question in the beginning. 

Incorporate Live Videos

We all know that live videos are raging on social. Brands, which have worked hard in maintaining their solid social media presence, are always thrilled by the attention they get whenever they go live. Going “live” makes the brand-consumer relationship more intimate and enhances user trust. The feature of live comments makes your content more authentic. It provides an opportunity to interact with customers in real-time. Having a Q&A session once in a while will bring you tons of authentic queries and feedback.

Add Subtitles for User Convenience

Several surveys suggest that more than 85 percent of the videos on Facebook are watched without sound. It is a fantastic idea to use vivid imagery and creative typography to convey your message. Successful marketers have begun to essentially embed subtitles in all their videos. Subtitles can help in highlighting certain parts of the video effectively. Also, subtitling is a great help when it comes to non-native speakers, barriers if different pronunciations and accents. You can clearly improve viewership with subtitling. 

Mobile and Search Optimization Are a Must

Ensure tagging your videos with some relevant keywords. That’s essential to your SEO. After the Panda update, the value of share-ability and relevance are the greatest factors. You should know that around 62% of smartphone users are using YouTube for discovering brands and products. And 42% find videos via other social media forums. Mobile optimization is essential because users watch videos heavily on their smartphones. Smartphones have become inseparable from people. It is only but logical to take advantage of the mobile optimization to get more viewership. Come up with video designs, which are mobile responsive. 

Cash What’s Trending

It is true for any sort of content that you create for your marketing. Don’t invest too much effort and time if your audience is not looking for it. Invest your time in social listening and know what the current trends are. See what are the trending news and celebrity gossip. You can easily relate these trends to your products and witness better conversion. Since online trends are highly volatile, your content creating team has to be quick in identifying the trends and coming up with the relevant content. For instance, if you are promoting Spectrum Internet and phone packages, identify the trends about digital services packages and observe how others are marketing them.

Good luck!


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