7 Best ideas for wedding anniversary of in-laws

11 anniversary
11 anniversary

Congratulations! You’ve made it to your first anniversary of being in-laws. Whether you are celebrating in person or online, these 8 best ideas for an anniversary celebration of your in-laws like a parent in law wedding anniversary to inlaws will help you create a day they will never forget. 

7 best ideas for wedding anniversary celebrations of in-laws are:

1. The in-law gift exchange (photo credit) 

One of the best ways to make your in-law’s special day memorable is by including them in the gift exchange. This way, you can make them feel part of the celebration, rather than like intruders. When thinking about what to include for their gift, think about how they are involved in your lives. If you are married and your husband’s parents live close by, consider making a homemade batch of cookies for them or a few homemade pies instead. If your husband’s family lives far away, send them a new gardening tool or some seeds for the garden instead. If you are a newlywed and your in-laws are not close to you, consider sending a personalized anniversary card or even a phone call to them. It’s their special day too and they deserve to be remembered.

2. A family photo shoot

One of the oldest traditions is taking a family photo on your anniversary or other special occasions. A good way to celebrate your in-laws’ wedding anniversary is by including them in the photo shoot. You can choose any day for it to happen – whether it’s the weekend or even a weekday. You can take photos at their home, on their favorite beach or at their favorite restaurant or park where they often go together. If their anniversary is a few months ahead, you can even choose a new location for the photo shoot and film the entire process. This way, they will always have a memento of their special day in your home and you will also be guaranteed to take some unforgettable photos that they likely won’t forget.

3. Sending them homemade cards

There are so many new ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary these days; from sending flowers or fruit baskets to giving your husband’s mother a gift that she really wants and needs. For example, you can send her a homemade card just like this one…

4. A daytime scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is always an exciting idea for a party. It’s even more fun if you plan it for daytime when the weather is nice and everyone can enjoy the beautiful outdoors. You can plan this scavenger hunt any way you want – simply using your in-laws’ names or using funny quotes to describe them will work just as well. For example, instead of saying ‘find something red’ give hints like ‘something your father-in-law wears quite often that he doesn’t care about losing, but will be sad if he does lose it.’

11 anniversary

5. A family portrait with you and your husband’s parents

Another way to celebrate a wedding anniversary of your in-laws is by taking some photos with your husband, children and his parents. There are so many ways you can do this that it may be hard to choose just one. For example, you can take photos of the entire family at an outdoor location or take photos of each spouse and their children together in a studio. Whichever way you choose to celebrate, these photos will always remind everyone who is included in the photo that they have a very special place in your hearts.

6. A contest for your in-laws

A fun way to make your in-laws feel special is by having a contest for them. For example, you can ask them to come up with a fun nickname for you and your new husband. You can then take the best nicknames and have them chosen by random draw as the winners’ names of the contest. Or, this could be used as a great anniversary gift idea – have each family member write their favorite story/memory about their spouse and put it in a book that they can read together at home or in front of everyone at an anniversary party.

7. A brunch at home

Another great idea for your in-laws’ anniversary is to throw a brunch at your own house. Brunch is usually served during the weekend so it’s a great way to celebrate their wedding anniversary and it can be very fun if you plan it right. You can go with a theme like ‘a Hawaiian styled brunch’ or something of that nature. Or, you can go with a theme based on the location you plan to hold the event at.


Celebrate your in-laws’ wedding anniversary as you would any other special occasion – with care and love. They deserve to be celebrated as much as your own family members and with the same amount of excitement. Good luck having a memorable anniversary celebration!

What do you think? 8 best ideas for the wedding anniversary of in-laws , please leave a comment below! Thank you, I enjoyed it!


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