7 Clever Ways to Decorate Your Newly Built Home When You are on a Tight Budget.


To construct a dream home or to buy a newly-built home is one of the best moments you come across in your life. You need to adorn it after its construction or purchase so that it could be fit for your living. After investing a lot of money in the purchase or construction, most of you have a tight hand and you escape spending much in decorating your abode. It becomes more difficult for you when you come across expensive items in your search of ideal home decoratives. Here are some budget-friendly home decoration tips for your help:

1. Have a proper plan and a priority decorative list

Without planning and proper decision on what to do first, decorating your newly-built/bought home will be a tough task for you. Further, due to your budget constraint, you should plan and prioritize your home decoration. With a decoration plan, you have a clear idea where to start and what you should first. In the plan, keep the essential one on the first and the least important at the last. 

2. Install wall art 

Wall art consists of stickers, wallpapers, paintings, murals, and hanging frames. Suppose that you opt for having paintings on your home wall. You will come across numerous options such as landscape paintings, vertical paintings, round paintings, and panoramic paintings in several different colours, designs, and patterns. Opting a framed painting would be better for you, as its cleaning and maintenance is more comfortable for you. 

3. Use fabrics 

Are you looking for the most pocket-friendly and easiest way to adorn your newly-built home? If yes, using fabrics is the perfect option for you. Consider changing slipcovers, bedsheets, pillow covers, curtains, etc. In addition, you can think of placing rugs at the door and in your bedroom/living room. To give a personal touch, you can opt for placing custom mats at doors and in rooms.    

4. Buy second-hand furniture pieces and paint them

When you notice the furniture items you have are not ideal for placing in your new home or not in good conditions, you can opt for buying second-hand furniture pieces. You can get such things from thrift stores, reuse centres, and craigslist. After that, you can paint these furniture pieces to make them new. With time, think of purchasing a new one.   

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5. Have some small to mid sized indoor plants 

There is no better idea to decorate a newly-built home than the use of placing  a few plant pots inside. Having indoor house plants is better for your health and happiness. Apart from brightening the space and making it look bigger, these plants purify your indoor air. With the use of wooden hanging planters, you can create a small garden in your home without using its floor space. Opt for planting fox or money plants inside your home.  

6. Place furniture differently 

In the decoration of a newly-built home, you don’t need to replace all your old furniture items with a new one. You should avoid doing this to save your cost. Instead of replacing, arrange them again to create a fresh look and feel. For instance, a big furniture piece can be a barrier for your movement in the living room if it is the one you see first while stepping into your living room. For better movement in the room, you can place the sofa against the opposite wall. This rearrangement requires no monetary investment. 

7. Pay attention to lighting 

Lighting is the one that can make or break the look of your newly-built or newly-bought home. Without proper lighting, there will be no use of the furniture, costly tiles, wall arts, paints, etc. that you have used to adorn your abode. From the floor and wall to the ceiling, install enough lights. Use a specific light if you want to highlight a space in your home.


The decoration of a newly built or bought home needs investments of both – money and time. A steady and proper plan will help you move forward in this. With a slow and steady pace, you can easily adorn your home even if you have a budgetary constraint. You can take professional support if you think you need more than the above-mentioned tips.


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