7 Most-loved Gin And Food Combinations In Sydney Bars

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A delicious dinner or casual party should always begin with a wonderfully crafted gin and tonic. With the tipple decided, have you thought about the nibble? A remarkable display or decorative piece converts any gathering into a special occasion. Therefore, as World Gin Day approaches, gin lovers should think about some nibbles to pair with the drink at their closest gin bar in Sydney.

When it comes to choosing food pairings for gin and tonic, the sky’s the limit. Read on to know about the top selections of snacks to equal this fantastic drink. 

1. Cheese

A variety of cheeses with intense flavours and textures (both hard and soft), seasoned with herbs, ensures a Fromage for everyone. Topped on crackers or chewed on their own, your most loved gourmet cheeses can offer a creamy texture to satisfy your gin cravings. 

2. Berries

It is not G&T if it lacks berries and seasonal fruits submerged in the refreshing cocktail. Almost all types of berries have made their way into every gin cocktail and food pairing ever prepared. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries – name it, and you will have it. Shop locally for seasonal fruits like cucumber, tomatoes and apricots to add that colourful splash to the juniper-based drink. 

3. Seafood

An unmatched candidate for pairing with G&T, seafood happily complements the herbal and floral notes in the drink. You may order dry-cured or smoked salmon dressed with cucumbers and cream cheese for that savoury wave in your mouth. Lemon squeezed on fresh oysters garnished with fennel make the apt match with any spirit. 

Another mouth-watering G&T combination is marinated (in loads of ginger, garlic and coriander) and freshly grilled shrimp on skewers.

4. Cold Cooked Meat

Have you thought about twinning herb-infused charcuterie meats with gin and tonic? The perfectly seasoned, cured, fatty and rich porchetta and salami serve as delicious partners with G&T. 

5. Chocolate 

Make the most of the trip to your favourite gin bar in Sydney with a sinfully splendid combination of chocolates and G&T. The impeccable flavour profile of chocolates satisfyingly adds to the herbaceous hints in gin. Indulge in your most-liked chocolate – dark, milk or white chocolate and treasure the taste forever. You may also try berries, biscuits and fruits covered in chocolate for a yummy taste.

6. Nuts

Nuts are a must on any bar’s menu. The salty and fatty taste suits various alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, absinthe, whiskey and gin. Take your pick from several nutty options, such as almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, cashews, or pistachio. They are a timeless snacking option loved by most alcohol drinkers. Munching on nuts while sipping a timeless gin and tonic sounds ordinary, but it is incredibly satisfying.

7. Spicy Stuff

The sophisticated, sharp and crisp impact of gin and tonic goes surprisingly well when teamed up with something spicy. Take your gin cocktail to the next peppery level with jalapenos, red chillies, and cardamom if you have a knack for spicy food. Hot wings and spicy barbecues are exciting options. 

This World Gin Day, we hope you enjoy bringing together your fare and preferred gin at your favourite gin bar in Sydney. Bite into a nutty, fruity or juicy side dish and lose yourself in a world of delicious ecstasy.


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