7 Reasons Why People Like Preeti Chopra


Preeti Chopra is a sought-after speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Her career spans over two decades and has spanned across various industries including advertising, technology, marketing and media. With this career we have seen the dynamism of digital transformation or the rise of social media channels to the skills needed to build world-class brands. Preeti chopra twitter is a celebrity in this field. Preeti Chopra is the Founder and CEO of BrandBacker, a national crowd-sourced brand advocacy platform that takes the work out of social media marketing and rewards consumers for sharing their opinions online. 

She is also the author of “How Brands Grow: What Marketers Don’t Know” published by Harvard Business Review Press, which was named one of HBR’s Best Business Books for 2013. Preeti Chopra wiki is described as an inspiration for Generation Y with her blogs on digital marketing and customer engagement.

7 Reasons Why People Like Preeti Chopra :

1. She introduced the concept of social CRM

In her book, she described the role of social media in today’s world when the era of digital marketing is reaching its peak. She chose to call these days the era of social CRM. Social CRM is defined by its ability to provide an integrated suite of social tools for customer data management. 

This combined approach can be best understood as a blend between traditional and digital marketing. And thanks to Preeti Chopra, we have seen this change happen over a period of time since her book was published in 2008.

2. She is a mentor and the founder of the social media brand

After years of research, she came up with an idea that can help companies flourish in this era of today. She thought it was about time that brands started paying attention to their online reputation and using online tools to promote their products. So Preeti Chopra came up with the idea of BrandBacker and it is a service that helps companies automate their social media marketing campaigns by maintaining an integrated suite of social tools for customer data management. 

Social CRM : social CRM helps a brand through its full lifecycle, from capturing customer data, building relationships and engaging customers through influencers. It is a powerful tool that allows companies to measure their social media efforts and be able to connect with customers in a more effective way.

3. She is also known as the first female entrepreneur from India

Preeti Chopra has made it to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for two consecutive years, one of only three entrepreneurs among women on the list in 2010, and 2011. She was also the first entrepreneur from India to appear on the list for two consecutive years and the fourth Indian woman overall. Magazine Cover was one of the things she was known for after her list in Forbes 30 under 30. She has been featured on the cover of Marketing magazine, Smart CEO and Forbes Woman.

4. She is a social media strategist and a best selling author

It’s been 7 years since Preeti Chopra released her first book, How Brands Grow: What Marketers Don’t Know (Harvard Business Review Press). This book challenged the conventional way of marketing and gave insights about what really matters to consumers when it comes to brand loyalty. She is also the author of a book on personal branding and has spoken in many prominent events like FRED’s Women in Marketing and PR Summit.

5. She launched her first blog in 2006

It was in 2006 when Preeti Chopra blog started with “The Clueless Queen” series. She had introduced this to the world, which was at that time a new concept called Geeks. It was a new form of blogging to fight against the stereotypes about women who are also very good at technology. 

Many people started following her blog as soon as she announced it on twitter! This came after she gave out an interview on Oprah Winfrey show where she spoke about being an entrepreneur from India.

6. She worked in the field of advertising before starting her own venture

Preeti Chopra has been leading several advertising campaigns for companies like Samsung, Philips and Body Shop, which have won over 50 Gold awards. Some of these ads were also listed as the best ad campaigns of that time. 

This work further helped her to understand the various aspects of digital marketing, which she made use later in her career as an entrepreneur. Her experience was also put to use when she wrote her first book ‘How Brands Grow: What Marketers Don’t Know’ published by Harvard Business Review Press.

7. She is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs

In a field where there are still not that many women entrepreneurs, Preeti Chopra has been an inspiration for many people. She has made a name for herself in the industry of technology and marketing and has inspired many people to enter the same field. As a female entrepreneur from India she was also one of the first ones to reach Forbes 30 under 30 list two years in a row!


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