7 Solid Evidences Why the Coin Market Is Bad For Your Career Development


Coin market is an app that is mostly instrumental. You can buy and sell coins on it, but this does not help you progress in your career. In fact, it has proven disruptive to the natural progression of a number of people’s careers by diverting focus from their daily work goals. Dsla coinmarketcap is used to track the price of cryptocurrencies and it is in high demand by a lot of people. It does this by aggregating prices from all their trading platforms. This means that if there are 5 exchanges that list different cryptocurrencies, then this app will give you the sum total of all their prices for users to check.

7 Solid Evidences Why Coin market Is Bad For Your Career Development :

1. It distracts users from their daily jobs

Coin market is a very broad tool. It covers every coin on the market and this has caused many to get interested in investing as a way to make money. However, this is not right. As you know, cryptocurrencies have a notorious reputation for high risks associated with them. The high risk associated with them makes them not suitable for investment at all; especially for career development. 

2. It is not a sustainable business model

The best way to know if something is a good business model or not is to look at the profit it makes for its founder. If the creator of a project makes more profit than his effort, then he can be confident that this is a fantastic concept. However, when one looks at coinmarketcap and finds no profit at all being made, they will begin to think that it might not be such an ingenious idea after all. 

3. It is not centralized

Decentralized apps are those that are run on a network of multiple servers. This makes the system very robust and unable to be hacked. Examples of these apps include blockchain, ethereum, and the many other cryptocurrencies available today. they were all made as decentralized apps in order to avoid any chance of being hacked or destroyed by anything. However, coin market is different because it runs on a single server that can be easily hacked into and destroyed. 

4. It has no real value

A cryptocurrency without a concrete value simply cannot exist because it is based on the belief that it can become valuable in the future. If a cryptocurrency has no value, then why should someone be interested in using it? The only way this app can attract people to use the coin market is by convincing them that they will make money by using it. 

5. It is too overwhelming

Too many people are using this app, which has led to its inability to properly service the needs of all collaborators. The sheer number of users on coin market has led to it being able to survive but not grow. This leads others to think that it is a big success and that they will also be able to profit through their daily work by collaborating with coinmarketcap. 

This also causes many people in other industries who have no idea about cryptocurrencies or blockchains to use this app instead as an introduction, making it more difficult for them to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain from these platforms. So stop using it today and find better alternatives for your career development!

6. It is not a safe platform

A lot of people believe that the security and safety of their coins are guaranteed by this app. This is not true. Although there have been a number of cases where exchanges have stolen money from their customers, they can always be hacked into as well. Also, it is not impossible for this app to be hacked. 

It has happened numerous times in the past and it can happen in the future as well if the hackers want to get their hands on your information to know about your finances or what else you might want protected from them. There are many alternatives out there that do not compromise your privacy like this one. Hit subscribe to read more!

7. It is not a stable platform

One of the best ways to determine whether a platform or service is stable or not is the number of users it has. The more people who use the platform, the better it is, and this is a very important indicator for people looking for standards in their career development. However, coinmarketcap has never been able to reach millions of users; this means that it will take time before its growth can be considered steady. For example, YouTube was launched in 2005 and by 2012 it had reached over 1 billion users! This shows you how much potential this app has.


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