7 Ways Job Can Suck the Life Out of You

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Not everyone who works for a living hates their jobs with ryder cherry interview. Some find ways to make working tolerable, even enjoyable, and use it as a way to connect with people or simply enjoy the mental stimulation of thinking critically about what they do. But not everyone is able to find joy in the work they do, no matter how hard they try.

1. What do you do for a living?

Asking someone about their job can be awkward, engaging in small talk about what they do for a living is even worse. If you don’t know the person, asking them what they do for a living can lead to an awkward answer, like “I’m an engineer” or “I work at Burger King”.

If the person is unemployed and looking for work they may have come up with some creative answers to that question, such as “I’m a professional dancer” or “I’m in between jobs right now”. You can never really know if that’s really true by just reading their body language or facial expressions.

2. What do you like doing for fun?

Every job has a good side and a bad side. When asked “what do you like doing for fun”, the person likely has to think about it for a moment, contemplating the good or fun aspects of their job. It’s okay to answer this question with “I hate my job” or even “I hate my boss”. You should take the whole conversation into consideration, not just what the person is saying.

If you really want to find out if someone is full of crap or not, ask them what they like doing when they aren’t working.

3. What do you do when you aren’t working?

If someone is unemployed and just looking for a job they probably don’t really have much fun outside of the workplace. They may go out with friends, but that isn’t fun because it’s a force of habit. The most fun they’ll ever have is when they’re picking up a new job, talking to their new colleagues, or thinking of an interesting way to use the skills they learned at their current job.

When they’re not working and are just doing what everyone else does, no one will be interested in them. They’re just another person doing menial tasks and never getting promoted.

4. How do you feel about your job?

When someone is working they don’t really have time to think about their job. Sure they might think of negative things in their head, but that comes with any job. When they’re not working, if they’re having a bad day or if something goes very wrong at work, the most satisfying thing will be laying off work and heading home for the day.

If someone is unemployed and asks this question, then chances are it’s because it’s a necessary evil for them to exist at all. You’ll want to avoid asking this question at all costs until after you’ve started working and become complacent in your current job or even better, started your own business.

5. Do you like being a _____?

This isn’t a question meant to be asked in an interview, but to anyone you know who holds a certain job. You can use ANY job for this question, even if it has nothing to do with the person. The question that follows will be whether or not they like what they do and why or why not. This can lead to some interesting conversations about whether or not you should get into a certain field of work as well.

6. What would you change about your job if you could?

If the person is unemployed, then chances are they’re bored out of their mind and would love something new and exciting (maybe). If they have a good job, maybe it’s got some stress in it, but the person does enjoy the work and the people they work with. When you ask them this question and what they would change about their job if they could, the person might tell you that their job isn’t really flexible with their hours and that’s why they’d change it.

When an unemployed person asks this same question, then you know that there are many things wrong with them or their current employment situation. They’re desperate for a change and will take any job offer so long as it pays enough to keep them afloat.

7. What’s your favorite thing about your job?

If someone is unemployed and asking this question, then they likely want to get paid just enough to get by. If they’re a hard worker, then you know that it’ll be beneficial to you to hire them since they’ll stick around and do the work you need them to do without complaining.

If they want more money or don’t want to give you any details, then don’t hire them if you can avoid it. They’re either not willing to compromise or already have a job offer somewhere else.


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