8 Problems Everyone Has With POSITIVITY – How To Solved Them

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Let’s face it, the world is a cruel place. There are countless reasons to feel pessimistic and upset. We’re faced with death, illness, poverty, famine and just general life like adult swim qoutes stress all of the time. It can be difficult to keep your head up in these difficult times and develop an optimistic perspective on life.

8 solutions to the problem anyone might have with positivity are:

1. Realize You Don’t Have To Feel Positive All The Time

I know, I know. The last thing you want to hear about is the fact that you have to “fake it til you make it”. You don’t, though. Being optimistic doesn’t mean that you have to feel positive all the time. Feeling good is a choice and an action, not a feeling. It’s hard work and takes effort, but if it’s something that means a lot to you then there are ways of making it happen.

2. Enjoy Your Bad Moments

So many people would rather pretend that life isn’t bad than go through the hardship of dealing with it. You can’t please everyone all the time, but you can be an adult and deal with problems as they come.

3. Take A Deep Breath

Deep breaths have a calming effect on the mind. Go for a walk or sit in nature for a few minutes and lose yourself in a sunset or something. You’ll feel better in no time. It’s so easy to get annoyed with people and things. It’s good to remember that so many other people are feeling the same way you are at that very moment. It takes patience, but learning to take a deep breath before you act is such a beneficial skill.

4. Find Your Positive Energy Maximus

We’re all in different places in our lives, but finding a place where you can feel happy and good is important. It can be really easy to wallow in your bad moments, but getting out there and finding positive experiences for yourself are so important too. Everyday we face hundreds of opportunities to feel bad about ourselves or the world around us, yet the only way in which we can avoid doing it is by focusing on our positive energy maximus. This is a wonderful thing, because it allows us to make an effortless decision in which we can choose every day to be positive.

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5. You Are Where You Are For A Reason

You don’t have to be a victim of random circumstances. Don’t worry about what you can’t change. Instead, work on improving the parts of your life that are under your control, and accept that you are where you are for a reason. It’s easy to feel down and negative about yourself when you’re feeling sad or have bad circumstances in your life, but remember that you are where you are for a reason, and you’ll find a way out.

6. Think About How You’d Feel If You Could See The Future

It’s so easy to focus on the things that are bothering you right now, but it’s so important to remember that these problems may not seem so big when they are in your past. Everyday there are so many people facing difficulties and tragedy, so try to see how you’d feel if it were your time to go the same way someone else is going through at that very moment. It’s bad to lose someone close to you, but it can be way worse if you were waiting for a cure and didn’t get it.

7. Remember To Appreciate The Small And The Big Things

It’s easy to take the smallest things for granted. When you remember to appreciate the small things and people your life will be so much better. We often take for granted the things in our life that we’re so used to seeing and doing everyday, but try to think of it from a different perspective: How would you feel if this small thing that you’re used to wasn’t there anymore? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all took the time at least once every day to appreciate everything we have in our life?

8. Look At The Positive Side Of Life

It’s easy to get so caught up in the negatives of our lives that we forget about all of the other things in life. There is no real point to being negative during a time when there’s so many wonderful things to be thankful for. Even if you have nothing, you have your breath and then you have your mind; two things that are more important than anything else. The world is truly beautiful and there are plenty of reasons to feel good about it all the time!


Positive energy is a wonderful thing that gets overlooked in the everyday lives of so many people, but denying your viewpoint of life and dwelling on the bad things that are happening isn’t going to do anything except make things worse in the long run. Remember to be positive and have fun with all of the things that are going on everyday. Don’t let your negativity spill into your surroundings: Part of being optimistic is being happy, and loving every little thing you have.


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