8 Reasons Why You Are Still An Amateur At Modern Combat

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Amateur. It’s a word that is used to describe someone who is not yet experienced enough in their field to be considered an expert. With more and more advances in technology, the complexity of military warfare is steadily increasing so it’s becoming harder and harder for anyone without years of service to keep up.

The following list will explore 8 reasons why you are still an amateur at modern combat like pa shooting over snow video reddit whether you realize it or not. Regardless of your service level, these reasons will provide food for thought on how one can successfully stay ahead of the curve and maintain a high level of performance under tough circumstances such as urban warfare or counter-insurgency operations.

8 reasons why you’re still an amateur at modern combat:

1. You’re not courageous enough

It takes a certain degree of courage to engage in combat. Even as trained professionals, soldiers can still be affected by fear and hesitation when it comes to actually pulling the trigger on a target. Courageous soldiers are able to overcome this natural fear of combat and perform at their best, even when lives are at stake.

Some soldiers have it easier than others when it comes to being courageous. Certain combat positions such as snipers or machine gunners require more courage than others due to their individual and isolated positions. But even those with easy jobs can still be affected by fear if they don’t possess the right mindset.

2. You don’t have a plan.

Planning a mission to succeed is important, especially when the stakes are high and long-term success is a possibility. Without the proper planning, it can be easy to overlook the small details that can lead to failure. For example, a unit entering an area where they were not previously stationed might plan on following the grid system . This goes against everything in their training by making them go completely off of their pre-planned path.

Even during combat, there needs to be some sort of strategic order between each participant in order for all involved assets to function as intended.

3. You don’t take initiative

It’s very easy to get caught up in the details or make minor mistakes during a mission. Always remember that if you are doing your job, it is likely that you’re making somebody else do theirs as well. As such, always remember that the mission is much more important than yourself and that not acting can lead to later failure.

Taking initiative in critical situations can result in a more efficient operation and decrease unnecessary casualties. For instance it may be easier to eliminate a unit by taking out their logistics rather than going after them directly.

4. You don’t communicate effectively

The ability to communicate effectively is crucial in any situation regardless of the environment one finds themselves in. Being able to read and understand the given situation provides a much better chance of success. Effective communication is a magic key that unlocks the door to performing well under difficult circumstances.

Communicating effectively means not only reading your own surroundings, but using your intuition to interpret the surroundings of others as well. Communication can be used both in high stress situations when there isn’t time for in-depth discussion or in situations where it is necessary for all participants to stay up to date.

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5. You are too nervous

It’s important to remain calm and collected during combat operations. The more flustered you become, the more mistakes you will make and the further your mission will be from success.

There will be a time for nervousness and there will be a place for it. However, when nerves get the better of you, it is important to focus on your surroundings and not dwell on mistakes. The only thing that should matter is the mission at hand.

6. You are too scared

Fear is an important tool in battle as long as it does not override common sense or overrule your military training. Although being scared does not excuse mistakes made during an operation, lack of fear can lead to making more serious blunders in critical situations such as during air strikes or fighting at close quarters with the enemy.

7. You don’t think under pressure

Pressure is something that can be both a blessing and a curse. Although it can cause even the most capable person to make more serious mistakes than expected, pressure can also push someone to perform well beyond their regular performance level.

The key is to remain calm, focused and understand the situation as much as possible. Most importantly, one must be aware of their surroundings at all times and not lose sight of their main goal. This ensures that even when under pressure you will have the success rate you need in order to thrive in modern combat operations.

8. You are not physically fit

Many people who enlist in the military are already in shape and conditioned to handle physical exercise. But even if one never enlisted in the regular Army, there’s still plenty of opportunity for them to stay fit on their own time. A little extra exercising during downtime can make a big difference in staying fit under stressful situations such as urban operations or counter insurgency operations.

The key is to treat your body right and not waste your time with fad diets or training equipment that doesn’t work. It takes effort and dedication, but it’s worth it!

Bonus:  You’re too old!

Not every man is meant to be a soldier.


There are many other factors that can come into play that might affect a soldier’s ability to perform in combat. There may also be some people who I have left out as well. But if you keep these 8 things in mind, you will be one step closer to becoming a true warrior.


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