8 Things the Media Hasn’t Told You About One Piece Fanfiction Luffy Secret


The One Piece fandom is well known for its creative and unique stories, as well as the sometimes elaborate lengths people go to in order to write them.

 So if you’re a fan of One Piece, you may or may not be familiar with “Luffy Secret,” a fanfic that’s currently running on the site Fanfiction.net

 that revolves around Luffy finding out he has a secret twin brother and dealing with all sorts of problems and twists and turns as a result.

The thing is, there’s a whole lot more to this story than meets the eye. 

This isn’t just a simple read-and-enjoy kind of fanfic.

 In fact, almost every aspect of this fanfic is packed with hidden meaning and symbolism that lends a much deeper depth to the entire thing.

 And it’s also much more ironic and tragic than what you’d think at first glance.

 In fact, there’s a distinct possibility that this fanfic has been written by someone who suffers from a similar condition to what Luffy goes through in this story.

Let’s take a look at some of the details of the fanfic.

 This fanfic wasn’t originally meant to have any hidden meanings. 

It was just going to be a simple one-shot, although I did have a clear idea of how it would end up as I was writing it. 

In fact, it all started as a poem for my website.

So what happened?

 Well, the idea of a One Piece fanfic that’s full of hidden meanings and metaphors slowly grew on me, and I started wondering what it meant.

 What if I was a writer?

 What if I had a story that was filled with hidden meanings and metaphors, but nobody knew about it except for me?

 Wouldn’t it be cool to have this kind of power?

At first it was just an idea for a poem. 

As time went by, though, the idea got larger and more complex.

 It turned into a story, which turned into a novel. 

When Lancelot Knight said he wanted to edit Lancelot Knight , I decided he could have his own chapter in the book. 

Then I decided I might as well make it a full-length novel, and make an actual story out of it.

Then it turned into something much bigger. Suddenly I had interconnecting stories and characters.

 It started to make sense, and the ideas started pouring out like water from a bucket.

And then I finally understood what it meant: everything that’s happening here is just one giant metaphor for my own life story.

 This is my story , yet nobody knows about it except me.

 The first chapter of Luffy Secret was written almost entirely in poetry format, but switching between

 first person, second person and third person as the narrator changes.

The first person sections focused on Luffy’s memories as a child, told from the point of view of a child,

 as if he were interacting with them as he remembered them. 

In the second person sections, the narrator directly addresses the reader, 

explaining what they know about the hidden meanings in this fanfic 

 telling them about their own personal experiences with its hidden meanings.

And then there’s third person – a combination of a normal story and one that contains hidden meanings.

 The third person sections focuses on an individual who is hiding something from everyone around him/her 

 including his/her own family and friends – but still going along with daily life as if nothing is wrong.

The first person sections start to focus more on a particular character, but the narrator never stops with them.

 The narrative keeps going from one character to the next, each chapter becoming a story unto itself, 

all leading up to a small revelation at the end of each chapter that serves as a foreshadowing for what’s ahead in the final chapter.

 In the third person chapters, no one knows who they’re talking about  not even who they’re talking about!

 Because they have nothing hidden except for their own memories, they have no reason to hide anything.

 Everything they say is true and non-hypocritical  there’s no hidden meaning behind it at all . 

Their lies are lies only because nobody knows about their lies except themselves. 

This is because no one knows about their lies except themselves.

 The word “Luffy” means “sky” in Japanese. 

In many Asian languages, the letter L sounds similar to a K sound to represent a long vowel, 

this is similar to how the letter “u” sounds like a long O. This is why the word “Luffy” is also pronounced as “Luffy-u”.

In the story, Nico Robin calls Luffy by his real name – Usopp – when she first sees him.

 She accidentally calls him by his name again later, and Luffy tells her to call him by his real name from now on.

 From the way she says it, “Usopp” sounds exactly like how it’s pronounced in English – “Oops”.

 The series of chapters about Robin’s past are all written in present tense, while the rest of them are written in past tense.

 This is to show that while the other stories are set in a chronological order, Robin’s story takes place at a different time altogether. 

While Luffy remembers his childhood up until the present day, 


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