8 Tricks About POSITIVITY You Wish You Knew Before

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“The only boundaries that exist in life are those that we create for ourselves.”

The quote, often attributed to Robert H. Schuller, is one of the more thought-provoking messages about positivity out there. It’s a difficult statement to disagree with — life is what you make of it and it really does come down to how you’re feeling like savage side chick quotes about things.

That’s why we’re here to give you 8 tricks about positivity that might help you on your journey! From decluttering your home and taking care of yourself physically, these are some helpful pointers on how to live positively. We hope they can help!

8 tricks about positivity you wish you knew before are:

1. Declutter

The old adage of a cluttered home being a sign of a cluttered mind is one that’s been circulating pretty regularly within the realms of self-help and motivational writing.

What many people fail to realize, though, is that clutter doesn’t just affect how you feel — it also affects how others will perceive you. If your home looks messy or disorganized, people will assume that you’re unprofessional or unreliable. That’s not what you want at all!

For more information on decluttering your home to help with positivity, check out posts like 7 Ways to Declutter Your Home and get on top of it today! A clean environment is one less thing for you to worry about.

2. Challenge yourself to be a better person

There’s no question that life is much harder than it needs to be. You’ll never hear anyone complain about how easy their life is, and yet there are lots of people who make life harder than it needs to be. They don’t bother trying to make themselves a better person because they don’t see the point in it.

That’s when you need a challenge to help keep you going, though! It can be anything from a competition with a friend or loved one, or setting yourself some kind of physical test like doing 100 squats every day for the next month (although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea).

You can do it!

3. Make the most of your day

Another old, oft-referenced adage that’s actually incredibly helpful is the one about making the most out of your 24 hours. No matter how you slice it, you only have a certain number of hours per day and no amount of wishful thinking or positive thoughts can change that.

To make the most out of your time, start by creating a to-do list for every day that you get up and go about your business. If you write down everything that needs to be done, you’ll find yourself naturally prioritizing in a way that works best for you. You’ll also feel like all bases are covered!

4. Eat a balanced diet

Eating the right amount of food is important for you, but it’s also important for those around you. Some people are on such a strict diet that they don’t seem to realize their friends and family aren’t starving, while others just give into their cravings when they’re out. If you’re eating right, though, you’ll not only feel better about yourself but your loved ones will too.

Helping everyone in your life to eat in moderation sounds like a great way to stay positive!

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5. Be grateful

There’s so much negativity out there these days that it can really wear you down. When people are always complaining about what’s “wrong with the world”, it can be easy to take your frustrations out on yourself. You can try to change the world and all of its problems, but until you do so, you’re going to see a lot of bad things!

The trick to staying positive is learning how to recognize bad things that come your way and not letting them get you down.

6. Help others

A few rounds of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” on your own isn’t going to do it. To stay positive and in control, you need to be open to helping others in any way that you can. Whether it’s lending a neighbor a hand with their groceries or stopping off and picking up some milk for an elderly neighbor, being kind is one of the easiest ways to feel good about yourself.

You may not be able to cure cancer or help every person living in poverty all over the world, but you can help those who are close by. If everyone did something kind for someone else every day, imagine how much better everyone would be feeling!

7. Get some rest and exercise

The best way to feel good about yourself is to take care of your mental health and physical well-being. When you’re feeling great, who knows when you might have the opportunity to help someone else? You’ll feel more positive knowing that you can do something good!

Get some rest and exercise, too. Taking care of yourself in this way is part of making the most of your time — along with eating right and helping others, you should take care of yourself!

8. Be grateful for your friends

Nothing makes you feel worse than having a friend who doesn’t know how lucky they are because they have everything they could ever want.


We hope you enjoyed the article and we hope it will help you realize that being positive doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. All it takes to stay positive is to take care of your body, feed your soul, help others around you and be grateful for the little things.

Thank you for reading and good luck!


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