A Beginners Guide in Choosing a Ride on Floor Scraper

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To those unfamiliar with a ride on floor scraper, it is a revolutionary piece of machinery that has immensely changed both the commercial and industrial floor removal industry. It is an innovation that has made the removal of flooring materials such as carpet, ceramic tiles, solid wood flooring, and other types of materials a breeze. What used to be a long and tedious process involving manual labor can now be replaced with this amazing technology and one operator. 

Using a Ride-on Floor Scraper Saves Money

Gone are the days when manually removing heavy carpets and using an angled steel head tool to remove tiles on a large scale were the go-to processes. With the invention of new machines, this task used to involve and cost manpower has been made simple. 

The initial investment in buying or renting a ride on floor scraper might be a little costly at first, but it saves a lot with manpower cost in the long run. Aside from providing a faster timetable for the project, the cost that would have been budgeted for salary is trimmed down as one machine only requires one operator. This maximizes the budget for the project better and allows room for more profit.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ride on Floor Scraper

As revolutionary as this machine is, there are still some things to consider before buying one. The right type will bring the best results and the best savings to its buyer, and it is important to know these things prior to investment:

1. Weight

The weight of a ride on floor scraper matters as it is directly proportional to how it will perform. Some projects require a more heavy-duty machine depending on the type of flooring to be removed. The heavier the machine, the greater power it has in removing the flooring material efficiently. It has to be partnered with the right speed and torque to get the best combination for the chosen application.

2. Speed

Some ride on floor scrapers have only a single-speed option. While it may work for those who will only use it to remove one type of flooring, it might not be the best choice for those who plan to use it for different types of flooring. If a company decides to only focus on one type of flooring for their service, a single-speed type could be a good choice. A variable speed option is a good choice for those who want to be able to adjust the speed based on the flooring material to be removed.

3. Battery Life

Efficiency being the purpose of using this machine instead of doing manual labor, it is important to look into the machine’s battery life. Having a longer battery life does not automatically make the machine better if it has less power and takes longer to use. A good combination of battery life and machine power is important to consider before a purchase as it sets the budget that will be used for electricity and manpower. This all depends on the buyer’s preference. 

These key differences are important to take into consideration when investing in a ride on floor scraper. Whether for business use or personal use, the maximized financial savings from having one will greatly depend on these key points and their right combination. These benefits will be enjoyed with the right machine.


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