A beginners guide to trophy hunting

trophy hunting

A trophy is awarded to you when you complete specific tasks set by the game developer. Every gamer will certainly unlock many of these trophies as long as they are playing consistently and winning. However, there is a class of gamers known as completionists. These ones make every possible attempt to complete all challenges and earn any trophies and achievements available.

Trophy hunting is addictive and satisfying. After toiling away for hours on Xbox or Playstation, strategizing and attacking, nothing beats the feeling you get when you finally unlock that trophy.

Before you learn how to trophy hunt, let’s first mention the different trophies and at which level they are awarded:

There are four levels of trophies namely:

  • Bronze: Awarded for completing the bottom levels
  • Silver: Awarded when you beat a significant number of levels
  • Gold: Awarded when you beat difficult levels
  • Platinum: Awarded for completing the most difficult level

Note: You only earn a platinum trophy by first earning all the others.

Simple tips for trophy hunting

If you are determined to become a trophy hunter, the following tips will come in handy.

Play games you like

Do not buy games just for the easy trophies they have. Play for fun first then you will start bagging trophies in no time. This applies even if there are statistics stating that a particular game’s trophies are easy to come by. Trophy hunting should be a result of enjoying your games, not the reason for playing them.

Research games you’re playing

There will be a time when a game seems to take you ages to move from one level to the next. For example, Fallout 4 trophies are considered to be harder to claim than most games in its category.

If this happens, Xbox achievements and the PlayStation resources mentioned at the end of this guide will give you guidelines on how to beat the unbeatable.

Set achievable goals

How about setting achievable goals like 10 platinum trophies this year? You are all pumped up with adrenaline to game furiously and achieve as many trophies as possible within the shortest time possible. Relax! You can’t. You still have to work your way up.

Give yourself a break

Do not play games for hours on end as it becomes less fun if you overindulge. You will soon burn out and lose motivation. When you take breaks, your motivation is ignited again and you can come back at full force to bag trophies once more.

Join a community of trophy hunters

Communities are a database of user-friendly guides and forums. Some even participate in competitions and give away prizes. If you are stuck somewhere, chances are that there is another player who was in your situation and they found a way to get that trophy. Share with others and they will guide you.

How to select beginner-friendly games

In case you don’t know which games to start with, here is a selection criteria list you may find useful:

  • Games should be straightforward with no need to consult a guide
  • Games should not be too long that you want to quit
  • Games should require only one playthrough or fewer
  • Games should have an easily achievable trophies list

Now, based on this criteria, the table lists some trophy hunting games for beginners:

 Game Genre No. of Trophies Playthroughs Completion Time
MayoCookie clicker game5111 to 2 hours
Donut CountyPuzzle game2112 to 3 hours
Goat SimulatorAction simulator3112 to 4 hours
SubNauticaSurvival1811 to 2 hours

The above examples provide a good place to start your trophy hunting. Remember, if you don’t enjoy a game, move to the next one.

Trophy hunting resources

Trophy hunting on your own will wear you down. As such, we highly recommend using the following resources to optimize your hunt:


A forum of trophy hunters who share tips and their own trophy hunting experiences.


A site that is best for tracking your trophy habits. You can check your position on the hunter’s list and plan out your next hunt.

PS Trophies App

This app is handy if you don’t have your computer. You can easily check trophies on the go.

A PlayStation 4

Your console comes with quite a lot of information that will help you get started with PlayStation games.

Google & YouTube

These two are your best friends. You can do thorough research and find amazing sites or forums to help you.

Ready to start trophy hunting?

Gaming is a cool hobby, but trophy hunting takes it to another level. As with anything, each hunter has their own style. Some want to choose what to play while others want to play every game under the sun.

If you’re just starting your trophy hunting journey, here’s our advice to you; whichever style you use, first enjoy the game and bagging trophies will happen automatically. Good luck!


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