A detailed guide to styling your bracelet


Bracelets are a timeless accessory that accentuates any outfit and look. They never go out of style and have been making women look elegant and beautiful for centuries. From being made with shells and grass in ancient times, bracelets have come a long way and continue to be amongst the trendiest jewellery pieces irrespective of the age of the wearer. 

Just like your attire and makeup, your bracelets speak volumes about personality and taste. Just picking up your favourite bracelet style and slipping it on your wrist will do nothing for the look that you are aiming for. 

Here are some smart tricks and tips to consider while styling your bracelet:

  • Think of the fit: Your bracelet’s fit is as important as its style. Choose too big a size and you will be worried about it falling off. Selecting one that’s too small will pinch your wrist the whole day. The bracelet that you choose should fit snugly around your wrist. In case you really like a piece but it doesn’t fit, take it to your jeweller to get it resized. 
  • Match it with your outfit: If you spend a lot of time in the office attired in formal clothes such as pants and shirts, opt for sober and minimalistic bracelets. These could be a single strand of yellow or rose gold bracelets. If you have a conservative dressing style, you can select graceful bracelets with an antique look. These could be strands of pearls or chunky silver ones with coins or charms. 
  • Stack them up: While a single bracelet is definitely classy, stacked bracelets add a lot of chutzpah to your look. Stacking doesn’t mean slipping on every bracelet that you own but creating interesting layers from bracelets that have some commonalities. Some interesting ways to do this is to mix and match a couple of gold bracelets with a single-string diamond one or daily wear gold bangles. Or you can wear bracelets with varying lengths to create depth. 
  • Don’t forget your wrist structure: A beautiful bracelet brings attention to your hands and arms like nothing else. Choosing one that accentuates your bone structure will go a long way in styling it well. People with thinner wrists and shorter arms look great in a delicate single-strand bracelet. Women who have thicker bones and longer arms can carry thick cuff-style bracelets with aplomb. 
  • Consider the occasion: Before you choose your bracelet, consider how you are going to spend your day. If it’s a workday spent in a formal atmosphere, you need to choose a sleek and simple bracelet for daily use that doesn’t make distracting jangling sounds. A dinner party or date night calls out for a statement piece that makes you stand out. For a day out with friends, you can choose some quirky designs like charm bracelets or a boho wrap-around bracelet made with beads and threads. 
  • Go easy on extra jewellery: The best way to let your favourite bracelet make a strong statement and stand out is to mute other jewellery pieces. Even if you have stacked your bracelets, wearing large earrings won’t hurt but if you add multiple rings and neck chains, you may end up looking a little over the top. 

In the end, the way you style bracelets comes down to your personal taste that shouldn’t be influenced by what everyone is wearing. Use these pro-tips to make a loud and proud signature style statement. 


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