A List of Essential Volleyball Equipment

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Volleyball is one of the most gender-equal sports in Australia. Moreover, it is the 3rd biggest Olympic team sport. The AusPlay survey revealed that more than 240,000 volleyballers are there throughout the country. Volleyball is a popular game, but sometimes it can cause immense pain. That’s why a volleyball player should always keep some essential pieces of equipment ready beforehand. These pieces can help the player avoid injuries and bring success. 

Let’s have a look at a list of essential pieces of volleyball equipment:

Solid Ball

All volleyballs are not the same. It is the most important piece of equipment for a player. An ideal ball can help you avoid the pain that can be caused by hitting the ball over the net or between teammates. When you are on an indoor court, you can use a leather ball. But a leather ball cannot be used on an outside court as it gets easily wet and damaged. A cloth ball will work best for an outside game as it does not sting much on the arms and lasts for a long time. A synthetic leather ball is also suitable for outdoor play.

Knee Pads

Volleyball knee pads protect from injuries. However, a person should choose pads as per his/her age and experience. For example, young athletes should use thicker pads, as these players don’t have much experience diving for the ball. Older athletes are more experienced and knowledgeable; that’s why they can choose thinner knee pads. These pads are ideal for preventing brushing and burns. All knee pads must fit comfortably around the leg.

Ankle Braces

A sprained ankle is a common injury among volleyball players. If you want to avoid this injury, you will need a high-quality pair of ankle braces. These braces can lower injuries by 40%. Sometimes, volleyball coaches make this piece of equipment mandatory for each player in the team. Knee braces make the knee area stable without obstructing the activities. Lace-up braces protect the sides, front, and back of the ankles. They are required at the time of setting the ball and frequent under-the-net contact. 

Proper Footwear

Volleyball shoes are another essential gear for both men and women players. These shoes feature a gum rubber sole to offer maximum traction. These shoes are intended to protect the foot during side-to-side moves. The front-side padding is thick, and this feature saves the legs from pain caused by continuous jumping. Leather shoes are the best choice for volleyball games; these shoes have low heels. These heels support the top part of the leg and help to prevent sprains as well. 

Volleyball Duffle Bag

Once you have the right volleyballs, pads, and shoes, you need to arrange a durable piece of equipment that can help you keep everything organised and handy. A suitable duffle bag is required. It should be easy to carry. Most people like a backpack style bag as such design can evenly distribute the weight across both shoulders. The bag should also include multiple compartments and pockets. It avails space so that you can separate the equipment and keep clean tools away from the sweaty ones and used garments.

Volleyball Serving Machine

With advanced technology, it is easier to step up the volleyball game. Volleyball is getting competitive day by day, and the jump serve is now a standard move. It implies that a player needs improved volleyball training equipment.

Before starting your practice session, don’t forget to arrange the essential volleyball equipment listed above!


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