A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Mangadex And Love – How They Are The Same

kelly sikkema Shllugkc4W4 unsplash
kelly sikkema Shllugkc4W4 unsplash

Sometimes a mangaka’s art can be so good that you feel a connection with the characters. 

Feelings of nostalgia, the need to protect the characters from danger 

 these are all things that happen when you’re able to relate to a manga character.a returner’s magic should be special mangadex

What if you felt this way towards every character in every manga though?

But for me, it’s different. I find myself feeling that connection with one specific type of individual: manga returners.

 These people have been affected by death and grief, but eventually found their way back to living healthy lives 

through support from family and friends, acceptance from society, and self-care practices like getting enough rest or spending time outdoors.

I am one of these people.

However, this isn’t an article about me. It’s about the characteristics of these characters and how they affect their readers.

 These are observations based on my own experience with manga returners, not on any formal study.

 Some of the things I relate may happen for everyone; others may be unique to me.

 Fortunately, university studies aren’t necessary – the only thing you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

I’ll start with the obvious: Do returners resemble me?

If someone asked me “do you know what a manga returner is?”, I’d likely respond with an ambiguous “Yes, I do.”

 However, in practice, I would usually say “No,” repeatedly and in a manner that sounds incredulous and defensive.

 All returners are different. No two people will experience the exact same thing when their lives were irrevocably changed. 

But if you look hard enough at any one person’s life story, you can likely find several similar elements. Let’s start with my own.

Sara’s Room

I was born into a loving family that was full of life.

 My mother was an artist who had a passion for animals, which she then passed on to me.

 She would always hunt down rare animals in the wild to bring home as pets, which were always wonderful additions to our home.

 I was also raised with two siblings, but I spent most of my time with my parents and their many pets

Looking back, that’s how things should have been; I might not have been able to get along with other people, but I didn’t need others to be happy.

When I turned six years old, my whole world would change forever – and it did so in the blink of an eye.

The day before my family was about to move, tragedy struck. A man set fire to our home. I was inside.

My whole family died that day, except for me (that’s another story). I lost everything all at once – my parents, my siblings, and our home. 

My entire life changed in an instant because of one man’s violent act.

After that day, I sank into a deep depression that lasted for years. The only thing that helped me through it was my mother’s dog 

 which she had recently adopted before the accident 

 coming to me every day with its tail wagging and its nose sniffing for food or scratches behind the ears. 

I depended on it and, in return, it gave me companionship and a reason to live.

I spent most of my time reading books, especially manga. They were an escape from reality that 

I desperately needed. However, the more I read the more I felt like something was missing – 

something that could be found in real life but wasn’t possible for me anymore. 

After all, my family was dead. Where did that leave me? Where did that leave my future?  

Maybe it’s better not to have a future at all.

Ahh…that’s what I thought back then as well…

But thankfully, time passed and things continued to move forward…for the most part . 

I was finally able to grow up and start my life. My mother’s dog was still with me, providing me companionship, support, and unconditional love.

 And I found a hobby. Drawing manga helped me channel my feelings into something positive.

 It gave me something to look forward to every day during the long, gloomy winter months.

However, even when you’re in a world of hurt, you eventually have to choose where to fix your attention 

 fix your attention on something good or fix it on something bad?

For me it’s been manga from the very beginning , so I chose the latter . 

What better way to get over my grief than through drawing manga? Using my art as a way of coping with all of this pain . And it worked, at least for a time.

As time went on, the wounds started to heal. My depression slowly lifted.

 I was finally able to readjust to life, 

although I still didn’t have a goal in life.

 I took the college entrance exams and scored well enough for admission, but that proved to be pointless.

 It wasn’t because of my nonexistent academic skills; it was because of my nonexistent future .

Wanting to die is one thing, but actually killing yourself is another story entirely . 

The thought of suicide crossed my mind many times in college – when I was stuck in traffic during rush hour , 


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