Acoustic Fencing: A Versatile Solution for your Home

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There is nothing more irritating than the unwanted sounds coming from the neighbourhood at the time when you have just reached home with an expectation of enjoying mental relaxation from the hectic working schedule throughout the day. But nowadays as most of the houses are developed close to each other and surrounded by the playgrounds, it is hard to expect relaxation from the sounds. The problem is not only by the annoying sounds coming from the neighbourhood but also from the traffic moving across their house. Interestingly to cope with all these problems nowadays most of the house owners are installing the acoustic fencing on the exterior boundary of their houses.

It would be interesting to know that normally we use to install security fencing for the safety of our different properties. These security fencings not only protect our properties from burglars and animals but also help in boosting their aesthetics. The main objective of acoustic fencing is to restrict the entrance of different sounds inside our properties and offer relaxation to the people looking for the silence in their bedroom. This fencing reverts the sound to its place of origin or across our property in different directions so that it doesn’t move inside. Interestingly, apart from restricting the entrance of sounds this fencing also works as a security fencing and protects our houses and offices from the eyes of burglars. Going through all these reasons today they are highly deployed not only by the house owners but also at different places like offices, schools, factories, shopping malls, etc.

Well now after understanding the concept of acoustic fencing, the next question arises is how to select efficient fencing for reducing the impacts of sounds in your property. An answer to this question in simple words is selecting the best sound reduction fencing available in the market. That means you should go for the panels that are capable of absorbing and reflecting the sounds back to their place. Today, you can find different types of acoustic fencing available in the market. Some of them are mentioned below: 

Dune Walls Fencing: This type of fencing is best for the people who want to retain the privacy and the beautiful looks of their property, along with the sound reduction. As a result of this reason, it comes with beautiful garnishing on both of its sides and strictly according to the norms determined for the fencings. It is not only easy to install this type of fencing but also it does not require any type of specific maintenance.  

Urban wall Fencing: If you are looking for acoustic fencing that not only stops the noises from moving inside your house but also do not let anyone know the things taking place inside the house then urban wall fencing is undoubtedly the best option for you. It is mainly required by families willing to retain their privacy or the offices and commercial properties. This fencing mainly is covered with fiber cement and is strong enough to face the attacks of rain, windstorms, and other environmental conditions. In case, if you want to decorate them according to your requirement, then you have an option of getting them painted in the colour matching to the exterior of your place.

Tips for Installing the Acoustic Fencing: Below are some tips which should be considered at the time of installing the acoustic fencing at your place.

The Material: The sound reduction needs for every place varies according to the intensity of the sound. Let us for instance if your house is located in the street with excessive traffic then you will need the fencing developed from a strong sheet to restrict the entrance of the sound. In the same way, if your house is located where only slight noise your surrounding areas move in your place, then you will require fencing of thin sheets. Therefore, depending upon the intensity of sound you should get the reflective or absorptive fencing installed in your place. The reflective fencing reflects the noises back to their place of origin, whereas the absorptive fencing absorbs the sound. You also have the option of installing the fencing consisting of both the materials. The common materials used for developing this type of fencing are vinyl, wood, masonry, aluminium, galvanised steel, acrylic, and landscaped earth berm. All these materials are enriched with their individual properties, but one thing which is common in all of them is the reduction of sounds.

The Design of the Acoustic Fencing: The sound travels in waves, and therefore a little hole in the fencing is enough to let the sound waves move inside your place, and spoil the functionality of the fencing. It is therefore important to pay attention to the design of the noise-reducing fencing so that no space is left of the sound to enter in your room. While installing the fence do not forget to consider the height of your place. Also do not forget to consider the government regulations regarding the installation of fencing in your location. 

Conclusion: Acoustic fencing is a multifarious solution for your home which not only controls the movement of noise in your place but also restricts the entrance of unsocial elements in your house, along with enhancing its exterior looks. 


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