All You Need To Know About Pop Tarts

Pop tarts
Pop tarts

If you are a fan of Pop Tarts, or if you just enjoy having some variety in your breakfast, you might have heard the rumor that they are harmful to your health. But can these addictively delicious treats actually be bad for you and is it true? Pop Tarts divorce papers are a very real reality, but is there really anything to worry about? Let’s find out.The first thing you need to understand is that Pop Tarts are not made as a breakfast option. 

The dessert treats are made specifically for those who want a quick, easy snack, rather than an actual meal. They are not a substitute for a meal and they do not replace the nutritional value of the food you would eat otherwise without the need of these treats. 

All You Need To Know About Pop Tarts :

1. Pop Tarts are not a healthy substitute for breakfast.

Most people choose Pop Tarts over a proper breakfast because they offer more variety and allow the consumer to taste multiple flavors in one convenient snack. Although it is true that eating one or two of these treats is not going to do much damage, but when you start to eat them on a regular basis once or twice a day, you might be doing more harm than good. 

2. The high sugar content can lead to diabetes, weight gain and other health issues.

One Pop Tart has as many as 22 grams of sugar in it. More than two is likely to make you very sick, so a Pop Tart a day could easily be putting your health in jeopardy. The same is true of the other sweet treats that are sometimes marketed as healthy options. 

3. They are not made to be consumed on an everyday basis.

Pop Tarts are only meant for those who don’t crave real food and want to eat something sweet in place of an actual meal without sacrificing nutrition or taste. It is not meant to be a healthy alternative to breakfast.

4. They are not the best choice for snacking, either.

Pop Tarts are more expensive than other healthy snacks and they provide you with much less nutrition. As a matter of fact, if you eat a Pop Tart instead of a healthy snack like fruit or yogurt, then you are swapping out almost your entire daily fiber intake, which is really bad for your health.

5. It is not only the high sugar content you have to worry about.

Sure, 22 grams of sugar in one Pop Tart is going to make you sick and might give you a toothache, but the chemical preservatives that are used to keep the tart shells from molding are also dangerous for your health. Some of these include dyes that can cause allergic reactions, artificial sweeteners that can increase your appetite and even the syrup used in some varieties of Tarts is made from corn syrup, which contains GMOs.

6. They may be better as a frozen treat in the summer instead of a real meal.

For those who are trying to lose weight, eating Pop Tarts instead of other options may make it harder to work off the extra calories. If you are trying to eat healthy, or if you just want to have something tasty and fun to snack on that is not going to ruin your diet, then a Pop Tart or two might be all you need and your body will thank you for it.

7. You may not actually enjoy the taste that much.

Now, if you are going to eat a Pop Tart because you just love the taste of them and you don’t care what they do to your health, then that is your right. However, most people who eat them regularly admit that they are not as great as they thought, despite their addictive taste. 

8. The recommended daily allowance for Pop Tarts is one or two per day.

If you are a hardcore Pop Tart junkie or if you just want to see how madly in love with these treats you really are then one or two a day should be fine for most people. However, many people get into a habit of eating more than they should, which can be dangerous and might lead to weight gain or other health problems.

9. The biggest problem is that they are marketed as healthy snacks.

If you are choosing Pop Tarts over real food, then you need to realize that something has gone wrong with your diet. You may want something convenient to munch on while you are driving or working around the house, but it is not healthy to eat these treats in place of actual nutritious food several times a day.


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