APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship in Pune: Here’s What You Need to Know About It.


Being competent in using technology is considered one of the most important skills in the 21st century. It helps the innovation landscape and works on solving the critical issues of the world. In today’s day and age, we are witnessing learners being proficient with technology from a very early age. 

The Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills scholarship helps find such learners and enable them to study by the 9 GEMS pedagogy of the GIIS school. The aim is to assist the learners in nourishing their competency with technology. The school uses STEM programmes, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and excellent teaching faculty to further advance the deserving students’ knowledge. 

GIIS Pune offers the scholarship in both the campuses. At the Hadapsar Campus, the applicable grades are from 6-10, and at the Balewadi campus, learners in grades 6-12 can apply for the scholarship. 

Let’s discuss what you need to know about the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship. 

Eligibility criteria 

Students of Indian descent who have received recognition in national or international level competitions are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The events or forums can be about authoring a paper, coding, developing an app, artificial intelligence, etc. Basically, learners who have showcased competency or innovation in using technology are eligible to avail the benefits of the APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship. 

Furthermore, students of international schools in Pune must submit evidence of their accomplishments, including the record of their academic performance. Students may be required to go through an assessment and one-on-one interview process. The details of the process may vary from student to student, so make sure that you clear all your doubts with the scholarship counsellor. 

Shortlisting process 

You can get shortlisted for the scholarship as per three categories: 

Category A: In this category, the learner can receive 20 percent off on the tuition fee. It requires the learners to have achieved a top 10 rank in an olympiad by SOF, robotics, or STEM olympiad. Or, being the 1st, 2nd, 3rd national prize holder at the competition of the National Children’s Science Congress. 

Category B: In this category, the learner can receive 15 percent off on the tuition fee. It is applicable to the top 20 students in STEM, robotics, or SOF olympiad. Learners who have secured the 1st, 2nd, 3rd state-level prize at the National Children’s Science Congress are also eligible, along with the ones who are part of the rank one teams at ISRO Space Quiz or NSS-National Space settlement. 

Category C: In this category, the learner can receive 10 percent off on the tuition fee. The top 30 students at STEM, robotics, or SOF olympiad can avail the benefits. The top 10 rankers at national or international level competitions conducted by Google, Microsoft, and Intel, including Google Science Fair. Moreover, the learners who were a part of the team with rank two at the NSS-National Space Settlement or ISRO Space Quiz are also eligible. 

A final word – How to apply 

To apply for the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills scholarship, you need to find the application form on the GIIS Pune website. After filling in the relevant information and submitting the documents, allow the school ten working days to notify you of the application status.


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