Are There Differences between Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services?

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On the surface, commercial and residential cleaning services seem pretty much the same. You hire a person to clean your home or office, and the end result is a clean space. However, on the cleaning service side, these two services are vastly different – if even just in the training and what is included in the service.

However, the differences typically don’t stop there. The equipment used by commercial cleaners tends to be more elaborate, although it’s far from being a given. In order to learn more, we reached out to a company that successfully offers both types of service – Pink Power Cleaning Service.

What Each Type of Cleaning Entails

Residential cleaning, maid service, or housekeeping, as it is also known is focused on cleaning your home and keeping it clean. It commonly entails tedious chores such as dusting, vacuuming, window washing and more. In some instances, it can even include laundry, dishwashing and more – depending on the type of service you select.

On the other hand, commercial cleaning is focused on cleaning and disinfecting workspaces. This can be quite a broad category. While most of us have the idea of offices, meeting rooms, and restrooms, workspaces can also include things like warehouses and parking lots; once again, based on the complexity of service you choose.

How Often Cleaning Is Required

Residential cleaning is typically done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Seeing how the rooms that need to be cleaned are used quite extensively and for a variety of purposes, different rooms and cleaning tasks require different frequency. You can vacuum your house once every two weeks, but dusting really should be done weekly.

Conversely, commercial cleaning is really required every day, especially in customer-facing businesses like restaurants or banks. Seeing how offices tend to be bigger, commercial cleaning can take a long time, too.

When Cleaning Takes Place

Another major difference between these two types of cleaning is when they take place. When it comes to home cleaning, it is common to have a house cleaner come to your home during the day (typically while you’re there) and clean your home in a few hours.

Naturally, having cleaners come in and clean business premises during business hours sounds unreasonable. That means that commercial cleaners either come in really early and finish cleaning before the business hours, or, more commonly, after closing time during the evening or night.

How Much It Costs

Just like with most things we pay for, the cost of residential cleaning largely depends on the amount of work done. Smaller homes with just one bathroom will be significantly cheaper than a mansion with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Additionally, choosing ancillary services, such as laundry can add to the cost. Some cleaning services also offer hourly charges. Residential cleaning services tend to be much more accepting of one-off cleaning jobs, but also offer long-term service contracts.

Commercial cleaning services tend to be different. They rely much more on long-term contracts with businesses in their areas. These contracts tend to be organized in concise and pre-made packages. From basic cleaning services to more complex disinfecting services which require more complex equipment.

This equipment tends to be much more expensive making professional commercial cleaning service more expensive than residential cleaning Natural Care Cleaning Service.

Hopefully, this glimpse into the cleaning world explains how services are offered and what you can expect from each type. Whether you are on a lookout for a home cleaner or a commercial cleaning service, keep in mind that a professional service is more than just the time and wages of the worker – it’s the equipment, training, and so much more.


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