Are you a vlogger? Then these cameras are a must for you.

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istockphoto 1213200051 170667a

Do you blog, video, share photos on Instagram? If the answer is yes then you need a camera that can help take your content to the next level. 

These are some of the best cameras for online vlogging today.

The Novoflex Spider-Carbon is my personal favorite because it’s small and light, which makes traveling with it easier than ever before. 

Plus it has interchangeable lenses so you can choose between shooting in macro or wide angle without compromising color or quality. 

You won’t believe how beautiful these images are until you see them in person! I would recommend this camera to anyone who wants their content to look professional and shareable on YouTube or social media sites like Instagram.

Some of the best camera for blogging :

1.Nikon D3300 – 

The camera’s 16.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor captures more than enough detail for large prints or blowups.

 It also has a simplified interface on the front of the camera.

 It is lightweight and fits nicely in your hand. The camera includes WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth so you can quickly transfer your photos to your phone or tablet. 

This is a great camera for vloggers because it focuses quickly, has face detection, night vision with high resolution digital image stabilization, and an ISO range up to 25600 with minimal noise. 

It also offers some stabilization features. The camera is easy to use and shoot without having to constantly press buttons.

2. Canon EOS Rebel T7i – 

The camera can take extreme low-light photos with high ISO up to 25600 which allows you to capture low-light images even in poorly lit areas such as libraries, libraries, bars, offices, hotel rooms, etc.

 It has a large LCD screen that flips out from the back where you can easily compose your shots before shooting.

 It also has an image stabilizer feature that will help your pictures look clearer when shot handheld or at slow shutter speeds.

 It has a 45 point all cross-type, phase detect AF system that will help you quickly lock onto your subject.

3. Sony a6300 – 

The camera is even better than what you would see on a professional camera. 

This camera is the best for vloggers because it is small and lightweight which makes it perfect to shoot videos.

 It has an advanced motion-detection algorithm that allows the camera to know when someone walks into the frame and then adjusts exposure, focus, and white balance accordingly.

 The camera’s touch controls are very responsive which helps you take pictures quickly without having to move around any controls. 

A built-in flash provides fill flash in low light conditions like restaurants or bars. The camera offers multiple configurable settings that allow you to change the camera’s settings for low light shooting, night photos, photo bursts, and video burst modes.

4. Canon EOS M6 – 

The camera’s 18MP sensor captures high-quality photos with minimal noise at high ISO levels allowing you to shoot in low light situations without having to use flash. 

The camera is small and compact but sturdy construction allows it to withstand minor drops and falls which makes it perfect for vlogging or taking it on-the-go. 

This is the best choice for vloggers because it offers amazing video quality, even at 4K resolution. 

The stabilization feature allows you to capture video at 15 frames per second without any visible jitters. The camera is easy to use and has a 3 inch touchscreen with a tilting LCD monitor so you can easily compose your shots without having to change how you hold the camera.

5. Canon EOS M50 – 

The camera is perfect for any type of photography from photos to video and it is built for vloggers because it has 4K video support with an integrated high-precision EOS image stabilization system, allowing you to shoot beautiful videos even in low light situations like parties or bars. 

The camera also includes image stabilization, which helps still images look sharper after taking photos.

This camera is the best choice for vloggers because it offers a 3 inch touchscreen LCD monitor. 

The touchscreen allows you to easily use the camera and change settings without having to read through a paper manual or struggle with buttons on the back of the camera.

6. Sony a6500 – 

This is a mirrorless digital camera with a 24 MP APS-C sensor that shoots great photos and videos.

 It has an advanced auto focus system that can shoot at 11 fps continuously or 7 fps with autofocus.

 You can choose from 179 phase detection points, 25 contrast detection points, or select automatic mode with flexible selection of AF areas.


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