Are You Wondering About The Cost Of AC Gas Filling?


An AC at home in hot summers is a blessing in disguise. No other thing can comfort your nights more than the cool breeze of your AC. The only thing you want is an air-conditioned room and cold water from the blistering afternoon heat. Simple coolers have become almost obsolete, and what we see in every home in only an AC. But maintenance of AC can sometimes become a headache with its valves cut by rodents, gas running out and short circuits, etc. Let us look at one of the most common problems, i.e., running out of gas and how to make AC gas filling.

Is AC Gas Filling Absolutely Necessary?

Gas may run out of your AC due to many reasons, including a leak, loosening of screws, due to valves cut by rodents, etc. We should remember that the refrigerant used in AC gas filling is toxic and may cause frostbite. So, while starting with refilling, we should make sure we follow the safety precautions carefully. You should wear a pair of safety gloves in each of your hands along with protective glass for additional protection. You would require equipment like a Vacuum Pump with 1-4 horsepower, an AC manifold gauge set, and a refrigerant.

Steps For AC Gas Filling?

The first step would be to locate the suction line and discharge line. In a window AC, these are located on the backside, whereas in a split AC, both are located on the outdoor unit. The suction line is placed just above the discharge line, and it feels cool to touch. On the other hand, the discharge line is warm to touch. The suction line is what you need to pump the gas into the AC. The bolt of the suction line is then unscrewed. You can loosen it with a Torx hex key. The screw doesn’t let the refrigerant to flow out till it is closed. Only after loosening the screw, you can refill the gas. The bolt-on on the left is then removed, and the blue house of the AC manifold gauge is connected to that port. All the air in the system is released, which is important because moisture may damage the compressor.

 Ensure all the AC manifold valves are closed, connecting the yellow hose to the refrigerant tank. The yellow hose is slightly loosened before opening the tank knob. The cylinder knob is opened for a second and then closed immediately. This is done to remove all the air from the pipe. The yellow hose is tightened again. The next step would be to open the manifold’s low side knob for 3-4 seconds and close it immediately. The AC is then turned ON. Just when the compressor starts, the short side valve is opened. It is kept open for 4 seconds and then closed for 2 seconds. The opening and closing of the valve shall be continued till the pressure is settled at 60-70 PSI.

After you reach the desired pressure range, i.e., 60-70 PSI, make sure you close the manifold valve, close the refrigerant tank knob and unscrew both the blue hose and yellow hose from the suction line and refrigerant tank, respectively. Now you have completed the process. This AC gas filling charges costs around 2000-2500 INR in India, and we would recommend you to get it done by an expert. There are mainly two types of gas used for AC gas filling, mainly R410A and R22. R410 is comparatively better as it has better heat transfer efficiency.

Why Does My AC Run Out Of Gas, And Why Do I Need AC Gas Filling?

The three main reasons for your AC running out of gas are manufacturing defects, incorrect installation, and regular wear and tear. Manufacturing errors arise during the process of manufacturing the AC. No unit is perfect and has a few manufacturing faults due to the high amount of nuts, bolts, and screws. There are a lot of joints that can further cause leakages.

 The second important factor is incorrect installation. Flare nut connections and bending of copper wires during installation can prove costly for the customer as they cause frequent leaks. To avoid these leaks, flare nuts must be sealed with Teflon tapes, and sharp bends in copper wires should be avoided.

The third reason is regular wear and tear, which happens inevitably with time. Check your AC from time to time to prevent a leakage beforehand. It would help if you had a gas refilling because the gas is what cycles through various stages and works as a coolant. Without the AC gas filling, the desired cooling cannot be achieved.


Air conditioning systems being an essential part of life, can not be neglected. One should also choose the best quality ACs, which can provide us with high comfort value and, at the same time, can save your money and also be eco-friendly. These traits make our ACs best and most suited for you. Think wisely, choose the best AC.


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