Beginner’s guide to digital marketing

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Digital marketing is an ever-changing field and constantly evolves with changes in technology and new ideas coming from brands across the world. 

However, every digital marketer needs a basic understanding of how it works and what can influence a successful campaign. 

This beginner’s guide to digital marketing is a collection of 10 of the most critical introductory topics you need to know about digital marketing.

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In this guide, we will cover topics ranging from the basics of digital marketing through to how businesses can leverage social media channels.

1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing uses a variety of strategies spanning online and offline channels to help a business reach their target market and exceed their business goals. 

It can include organic search, paid search, social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising and mobile advertising. 

2. Types of Digital Marketing Channels

There is no one size fits all when it comes to digital marketing channels, so it is important to select the right mix of channels for your brand’s audience. 

For example, blogging is a great way to reach audiences that need information rather than entertainment. 

Facebook is where most users go for updates on friends’ lives rather than the newsfeeds of brands they follow. 

Twitter is more appropriate for getting your brand’s voice heard in real-time between news stories or breaking news announcements. 

3. Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing benefits vary from business to business, depending on their goals and audience. For example, a digital marketing agency can help a client reach their audience through traditional advertising tactics such as SEO and social media. 

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter also provide another level of insight into what your brand is doing and engaging with customers. 

Google AdWords is a cost-effective way to reach your target market without paying for an ad upfront. 

4. The Basics: Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising (SEA) has been the bread and butter of digital marketing since the beginning, which is reflected in the prices for keyword placement. 

The longevity of an ad in the search engines affects the ranking, which can drive traffic to your website. 

5. What are Paid Search Ads? 

Paid search advertising (PSA) is a great way to target your type of audience and can help you reach new customers as well as increase sales. 

PSA content includes text ads, banners and video ads. For example, Google AdWords will allow brands to run video ads for those who use smartphones and tablets and display text ads for computer users. 

6. How can I Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook advertising allows advertisers to reach people based on their age and interest and is a great way for businesses to reach specific demographics with their product or service. 

Facebook provides a variety of ad formats including news feed ads, link ads, sponsored stories, app install ads and more. 

7. How does Advertising on Twitter Work? 

Twitter uses a cost-per-click (CPC) model as well as bidding based on the number of retweets generated. This allows brands to advertise even if they do not have a large following. 

8. What is Banner Advertising? 

Banner or display advertising is another cost-effective way for businesses to reach their target audience. 

Banner ads can be placed on a number of different sites from news sites to blogs and even social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Display ads are sometimes overlooked, but can be an effective way to reach your target market when done correctly. 

9. How is Mobile Marketing Different? 

While most digital marketing strategies are not specific to mobile devices, they do provide some unique features that make mobile marketing compelling for many brands. 

Mobile devices allow brands to provide instant feedback about their customers which can help them learn more about their audience.

10. How Can I Use Digital Marketing for Business Growth? 

Digital marketing campaigns can help businesses create awareness, increase brand recognition and drive incremental sales. 

More specifically, your digital marketing strategy should be focused on the following areas:

While digital marketing is an ever-changing field that continues to evolve with new technology, social media marketing has become a critical component that influences every other form of marketing by helping you reach your target audience with the specific message you want them to hear.

The rise of social media channels has led to the creation of many tools that can be used by brands to enhance their digital marketing efforts. 

Social media are used to increase brand awareness, create customer engagement and provide real-time feedback for brands. 

Each social platform has its advantages and disadvantages which can influence your approach to digital marketing.


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