Benefits of using QuickBooks for small business


Oftentimes, you won’t consider choosing online accounting software for your small business. You possibly think small business doesn’t require such software and rely moreover on manually attempting to handle accounting and other management work. However, QuickBooks proved to be the best small business bookkeeping software solution. 

QuickBooks has the solution to nearly all your account desires, and there are innumerable tasks that can be achieved from it. Therefore, giving you ample time to work on other major functions in your business. This is a must to have software for almost all types and sizes of the business because it ought to majorly streamline your tracking, accounting, payroll management, and reporting needs.

Some Key Statistics to Consider: 

Small scale businesses get the maximum benefit from this software. Here are some statistics that will give you an idea of the impact QuickBooks online software has: 

  1. It was estimated that about 40% of the QuickBooks online customers were majorly small-scale businesses, in that 30% of the customers were product-oriented businesses. 
  2. it is true that almost all small businesses, accountants, prefer QuickBooks software, as it is a reliable, fastest, and accurate bookkeeping solution. 
  3. According to Statista, the small-scale business % for using accounting software id about 64.4%
  4. For about 800M global small-scale businesses, there are approximately 56 Million of the prospects that visit QuickBooks every year to understand what benefit they can bring into their financial management.


Easy to use: 

Even if your company lacks accounting professionals or one with the basic knowledge of bookkeeping, there is no need to panic. QuickBooks is extremely easy to use, easy to manage, and handle software for people with or without an accounting background. It does most of your tasks automatically and provides a guide and steps to follow!

Effective Accounting Solution

You get to experience advanced flexibility and performance in your accounting related tasks. It enables your business to streamline all accounting activities in one place. Being user friendly and tutorials provided, you can worry less and have tighter control of accounting tasks. Additionally, one can use the plethora of templates to better their account data, reporting, and printing. Make use of charts, payroll sheets, create invoices with a dedicated sheet.

Customizable Approach

QuickBooks provides an easy, ready to use, and effective template that a user can use to create reports, spreadsheets invoices in no time. You do not have to manually search for a template and work accordingly on the document. Now that you customize the look and feel of each document, make every reporting unique, and lesser cluttered all in one software. The ability to customize your invoice gives you a better approach to knowing customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders through a systematic process.

Financial Security

Small businesses’ main goal is to cater to a wider audience, better reach, and have financial stability. The initial stage of business focuses majorly on investments and cash flow. Therefore, financial stability is something small business has to give importance to, so there isn’t much loss. Your hard-earned investment will have better returns if you can track your finances and invest it rightly. Your finances will be protected, secured from unauthorized access, your data will be monitored and nonstop surveillance can be made use of.

Client Management

The secret to enjoying the business function is having a proficient client management solution. QuickBooks delivers a centralized aspect to your needs, by placing all your client details, their purchases, payments in one place through the dashboard facility. You can send messages, notifications, create reports, invoice details to your clientele in no time. This software can help you make a long-lasting relationship with your clients and therefore bring in better returns to your business.

Easy Integration

When you think of using software for your business, the first thing you worry about is the integration of the software with other programs in the business. The big advantage of QuickBooks is, easy to integrate! The business income, the expense can be easily exported, tax preparation can be done smoothly, filing of the tax becomes quite convenient. It integrates Microsoft Excel, making it a lot better to import data from different sources and to use it in QuickBooks

Wrapping Up 

QuickBooks indeed is an ideal business accounting and bookkeeping software. Especially for small and mid-sized businesses, you can save a lot of your time, paperwork with simple and quicker accounting tasks done through it. The reporting takes major time which can be resolved with just a few clicks through the software, giving you ample time to work on other core important activities in business. Using this software will always be the best idea, it will not only save your time but make your business functioning productive. 


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