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If you’re looking to create a Drop Kerbs driveway for your possessions, you’d possibly be astonished that the procedure is not as simple as you think. In order to park your car on the driveway, you’ll require having the curb dropped outside of the possessions, and there are lots of dissimilar steps you’ll require to take to obtain it done. Getting your kerb dropped can’t be completed by simply getting a hammer out and going away untamed, so we’ve determined to break down what dropping a kerb is and the progression of getting the job done.

Why do you need a dropped kerb?

You might not know this, but using a vehicle onto a driveway without a dropped kerb is a crime. Driving instantly onto a curb that isn’t dropped is illegitimate for many reasons, with the possibility of hitting a passing pedestrian very strong and damage brought about to the route itself.

One of the biggest dangers of riding an automobile onto the curb is the ability to cause critical damage to any software apparatus under the course and will cause some big fines. If any cables or pipes are going for walks below the path, you can face a few extreme health and safety issues in case you preserve force over it. Having a decreased curb will allow a smoother transition from avenue to driveway, and also will pass a long manner in retaining the existence of each of your tyres and suspension.

What to carry out earlier than getting Drop Kerb prices: 

Before you can get going with the job, there are hardly any steps you require to take. Since the roadway belongs to the local committee, you will too:

  • Check whether you require to relate for planning authorization
  • Apply for planning permission if necessary
  • Pay a not reusable claim fee
  • Use an official contractor to do the work

Councils will also have a list of pre-approved contractors that they need you to effort with. However, depending on their policies, they may let you select your contractor once planning permission has been approved. If you encompass the option to select a contractor, you can utilize our free service to join with competent tradespeople in your local district at the click of a button.


Our squad of staff is all capable of meeting the highway standard for the installation of dropped kerbs and passionately of asphalt.  All enquiries will be answered on a similar day and we arrogance ourselves on expert service from start to finish.


We all discern what it’s like to be a downer by a contractor, that’s why we won’t let you down. We will react on the day of query and deliver a quote and complete the works to the settled time scale.


Our core standards are to keep it straightforward and make certain the customer is always happy. These values have permitted us to secure A and M Groundworks as a foremost supplier of dropped kerbs and embryonic to the commercial and private sectors for many years.

Does parking on a kerb damage your suspension?

There are 2 questions we will reply to here which are 1. Whether or not send-off two wheels on a pavement can guide to perfunctory issues with the deferral and 2. Whether or not the collision of hitting the kerb to obtain on the pavement can dent your suspension.

1. You won’t discover any jobsworth scare stories here on the A and M Groundworks blog but we have to say that continually parking on a kerb on one side can leisurely cause rough suspension issues, particularly on older models with exhaustion suspensions. In general, though, parking on a kerb actually won’t do greatly any impairment to your car unless it is discarded.

Roads with elevated kerbs are more probable to reason issues for your deferment but in reality, there’s not much to be bothered about.

2. The blow of growing a kerb devoid of the use of a dropped kerb to park on it can cause damage to your car’s deferral. With adequate power, the complete suspension spring can be displaced and origin placement issues also as causing damage to the rods and shocks.

Our advice is to pass up mounting kerbs in general but on many public roads this seems inescapable, in this case, discover a dropped kerb to mount it quietly Alternatively, you can get in touch with your local council regarding the parking issues but don’t grasp your breath.


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