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For more than three decades, the boots on the ground reporting of TV newswomen has never been so good. But now, more than ever before, they’ve had to fight for their place on the air.

It is important to note that many of these women are not only reporting but playing reporter as well.

 This means they may need to ride a motorcycle at high speeds with only one arm attached by a safety strap if necessary, or climb up some insanely tall building just because it’s there. 

And then keep their wits about them enough to ask an insightful question when faced with someone who wants nothing more than to convince them that what they say is not at all true.

Who is a Booted Newswomen ?

booted newswomen” is a term coined by Media Biz Analyst David Folkenflik .

 The term refers to women who work in journalism and broadcast news and/or who have been fired from their jobs because of their gender. 

“An interesting pattern is emerging: Women who work in broadcasting — most often television .

Work of a booted newswomen :

1. To be informed on current events.

It is important for booted newswomen to always stay informed with the most relevant news in their city or state.

 This way, they can keep track of who is doing what in politics and finance, or in their own field of expertise, like education.

 They must also read newspapers and magazines regularly for this information.

2. Know how to read a map 

The internet has made it easier than ever before to get location information, but booted newswomen may still need to know how to read a map when they are reporting from another part of the country or even another part of the world. 

3. Know how to work alone or with others 

This is especially important if the booted newswomen are reporting from a city or state outside of their own. 

This means they have to be able to find the best location for the news, and must always ensure they have a good backup source of information if something should happen to their primary source of information due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

 This also includes being able to know how long it may take them for transportation before setting out. 

4. Be able to think fast on their feet 

When a booted newswoman is scrambling to put together the day’s first report, there isn’t a lot of time to sit down and read over a script. 

This means that the woman has to be able to think quickly and find ways around roadblocks as she goes. 

To do this, she needs to have her facts straight from an early hour. She also needs to read as much as she can about current events as well as try different lines of questioning before going into the interview.

5. Know the right time to be assertive 

This means that a booted newswoman should be ready to speak up when she knows something isn’t right or when she finds out something is going on that doesn’t make a lot of sense. 

This is important because it ensures the audience trusts her and believes what she says. 

This also means a booted newswoman needs to know when enough is enough, and she should stop asking questions if they are not getting any answers from her source.

6. Be able to multitask 

It can be hard for boots on the ground journalists to truly focus on more than one thing at a time. 

For this reason, they should try to schedule their day so they only need to concentrate on one thing at a time.

 For example, if they have a lot of phone calls and appointments scheduled for that day, perhaps it would be best to use that time to write up story ideas to do later in the week.

7. Know when to ask for help 

It may be fun and fulfilling for a booted newswoman to know all the ropes of reporting and mapping out the day’s story, but there is no shame in asking for help from others if she needs it. 

This means giving her bosses and others an opportunity to take over some aspects of her job while she takes some time off or even switches careers altogether. 

8. Be able to speak up for herself 

While it’s important to ask for help when needed, this doesn’t mean a booted newswoman should never speak up about what she needs.

 For example, if there isn’t an office in her job that caters to her needs, then she may want to point out the fact that there should be.

 This way, she can let management know that their job would be easier if they changed something in their office so booted newswomen could spend more time doing what they do best instead of dealing with other issues.


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