Breaking celebrity news from around the world – read more on Times Of Nashik

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If you are constantly looking online to find out the latest celebrity news, you enjoy watching reality TV, and you have your favorite pop singers, then you are probably trying to find the latest celebrity news. However, with so much happening around the world, it can be hard to find out the latest on what is going on with all of your favorite singers, actors, actresses, and TV stars! Lets see some of the breaking news stories regarding celebrities from around the world – read more on Times Of Nashik to get the full list and stay current on the latest updates! 

Latest celebrity news – read more on Times Of Nashik

Britney and her conservatorship 

One of the biggest breaking news stories that has been hanging over the past several weeks – actually, years – is Britney Spears and her conservatorship. Previously, Britney Spears’ dad was incharge of her conservatorship – this meant that he was in charge of her finances, her decisions, and her actions. He was basically in control of her life, despite her being the one who made all of her money and her now being an adult who can make their own decisions. After approving that she was manentally competent to take over her finances and control of her life, she has now won the conservatorship battle and has reclaimed control over her life. 

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeanne Cadieu

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeanne Cadieu are now a couple! They made their debut as the perfect and strikingly beautiful couple on the red carpet just a few days ago. Known for his roles in films that have gained worldwide fame, such as Brokeback Mountain ,Gyllenhaal is a talented actor. Jeanne is a model who has had lots of work, from runway to print work in fashion magazines. 

Avril Lavigne and her mom’s genetics!

Avril Lavigne’s mom does not look a day older than Avril does! Her beautiful genes are surely being passed down to Lavigne, as her mother is a complete look-alike of the famous singer. Avril, who has been known for her punk rock hits in her young years and her recent struggle with chronic lyme disease, has been an inspiration to teenage girls everywhere. After paving the way in the music industry for young women to really break out of the pop singer mold and push into the rock world, she also helped others speak out about chronic lyme disease and the push to find a cure. 


Keeping up to date with the latest celeb news is an absolute must if you are into the celebrity and the pop culture world! By keeping tabs on celebs, reality TV stars, singers, and other famous people, you can stay in the loop. But where can you find reputable news that is giving you the ins and outs of the inside scoop? Stay up to date by reading Times of Nashik, a reputable Indian online magazine that can give you all of the juicy details about your favorite celebrities from around the world.  


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