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You’re close enough to experiencing the magical feeling of a new home with your own hands, but not close enough to actually see it or build it. You’re beginning to think that you might be better off just buying a pre-built one. This is where Armenia’s community comes in like jacob kavarian, offering hope for someone who is just starting out on their dream house project. With affordable deposits and organized community forums designed for first time builders, there are no excuses for not building your own home. 

Build yours today!

1. Land

To start a build in Armenia, it is recommended that you buy at least half an acre of land. The minimum size to build a home is 1,000 sq. ft., so you will need a little more space than that. For the rest of the land, be sure to purchase the legal right to use it. Buildings in Armenia are quite common and most people prefer owning their own land over renting one from another person. With 25% of the land being in mountains, more people are buying plots of this kind for only about $7 per sq. m compared to prices in the rest of the country.

2. Construction

You will have to bring your own materials for construction of a house here in Armenia. As there are no auctions where you can buy off the lots, you will have to get them here in Armenia on your own. It is not hard though as there are many storage facilities that you can rent and stores that are ready to sell construction materials wherever you may be located. There is also a community for builders called “Homes for Armenia” , which can put you in touch with those who have excess materials.

3. To Make Your Dream Home A Reality

Now that you have your land and wanted materials, it’s time to start building your home. During the construction process you can use any professionals that you want. The most popular are builders and project managers, but there are also more specialized professionals such as architects, engineers, gardeners and more. Your home is your dream, so build it with the help of professional advisers who will make your dream a reality.

4. Community

Your community is an important part of Armenia for anyone who is interested in building their dream home; it has become a place where people can share and work on their houses together. It offers a unique opportunity for groups to come together from all over the world to meet, buy or sell what they need and get how-to advice on construction processes from each other in social network forums. Their first meeting was held at the end of 2016 and it is an ongoing process with plans to continue meetings in 2017.

5. Financial End of a Home

As mentioned earlier, the deposits for a home in Armenia are smaller than in other countries. A house that is larger than 1,000 sq. ft. has a deposit of $20,000-$30,000 with only $1 for smaller houses, including townhomes and cottages. There are also no taxes on property or land; you only have to pay taxes on your earnings from it. Something else that makes it cheaper is that you can bring all the materials by yourself from overseas; you only need to hire a container for shipping them here.


6. Fire Safety

Fire safety is a very important factor when you are building your home because it needs to be safe from any kind of disaster in case of fire or other problem with the structure. To this end, many new builds have smoke detectors and fire sprinklers installed in their buildings. This will save your house from fire damage and theft of personal belongings.

7. Getting Ready for the Season

Armenia is a sunny place so you can enjoy your home all year long. In winter it snows, but every other season brings rain and sunshine. Having something that is just right for the season will make your house more comfortable; this process of getting ready for each season doesn’t even need to be expensive since it is simpler than getting ready for other countries.

8. A First Time Build Is Like A First Date

To build a home in Armenia for the first time, you will need to know about the industry before it is too late. You must learn about building techniques and materials to ensure that your house is built as best as possible. You will also have to make things happen as quickly as possible since construction of a home here takes much longer than other countries. The trade-offs are that you won’t need a lot of finances or experience, but you will have to work faster than usual and get help from professionals.

9. Connectivity

One of the best things about building in Armenia is that your house will be as connected as you want it to be. For example, if you want a WiFi connection, then your home will have it. You can choose what kind of internet provider you want and get an unlimited data package that is ideal for social networking or online shopping. Your home can be as high tech as you want it to be, while still being minimalist and beautiful.

10. Options

To build the exact house that you want, all you need to do is look at different options by either visiting other people’s homes or checking out the designs of ones on architecture websites such as “e-architect” .

Conclusion of this article:

There are many reasons why people would choose to build their home in Armenia. Why not give it a try? What are the reasons why you chose to build your house in another country?

As mentioned before, there are plenty of benefits when building your own home. You will be able to save money, learn new skills and get a new sense of achievement as you build your dream home. You can also support your favorite sport or hobby with one that is all yours. Another reason why people choose to build their own home is because they want something unique and distinctive for themselves; yet again, this is possible in Armenia because there aren’t many houses like yours here .


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