Business Lawyer Sydney: 4 Big Reasons Your Company Needs a Lawyer

Business Lawyer Sydney

Does your Sydney business need a lawyer? According to Economy ID, there were about 74,000 businesses registered in Sydney in 2020. New South Wales’ capital is a financial hub as the nation’s largest city. While the city can offer its residents many business opportunities, only one-quarter of new small businesses survive more than five years.

It’s only practical to consider hiring the services of a good business lawyer Sydney can provide. For help with issues related to your business, including registration, contracts, intellectual property (IP), and so on, here are some of the main reasons why you should hire a business attorney.


These legal documents are important for business, no matter the size, and have to do with many integral processes, from hiring employees to securing deals. It’s important to have an attorney create and review your documents to avoid legal issues related to the contracts.

Before your company first offers or signs a contract, it’s critical to have all your questions answered first. A business lawyer can help clarify any issues you may have, including making the necessary adjustments to ensure that contracts are worded clearly.

Your contract’s issues can lead to legal problems for your business down the line. Simply having an attorney to review your contracts can go a long way into avoiding future legal problems.

Furthermore, an attorney can help renegotiate the terms of agreement in your contracts to make sure your company is always getting a fair deal.  

Understanding Business Laws

”Legalese” can be difficult for non-lawyers to understand. An experienced business attorney can help explain different aspects of business regulations, so that you can avoid unintentionally breaking them. 

Hiring Workers

Studies show that nearly 97% of registered Australian companies are small companies. However, even if your company has under 20 employees, the hiring process is important for its day-to-day operations.

A business lawyer can streamline the hiring process by ensuring you treat workers according to appropriate laws, codes, and regulations.

One example is helping produce an employee handbook to keep the details of employees’ requirements in one location. Hiring an attorney to supervise hiring employees will stave off potential legal issues.

Finally, it’s important for your company to ensure that your employees feel safe and protected. You can achieve this goal by employing a business attorney to watch for and uphold your employees’ rights.  

Licenses and Taxes

Licensing and taxes are both important issues for companies based in Sydney. The licenses required are specific and based on different categories like your company’s type, activities, and operating location. A business attorney can help guide you about which licenses to apply for, how many are required and how to get them.

Your attorney can also provide you with important tax advice The federal tax rate is 30% for Australian companies, although the rate can be somewhat lower than that for smaller businesses. It’s best to find out which business moves affect your company’s taxable income.

For these and many other reasons, you might find it worth your while to get the services of the best business lawyer Sydney can provide. From taking care of your contracts to handing your taxes and upholding regulations, an experienced attorney can make sure your Sydney company can focus on strictly business.


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